Monday, May 07, 2007

More on the cheerleaders

We understand that *most* of our cheerleader of the year contenders tried
out for the squad again this year. There were a few girls who elected not
to even try out, and instead hung up their pom-poms for the last time.

We haven't heard the full rundown of those who made the squad this year,
but we have it on good authority that Cara, Lilly, Michelle, Ireivy, Laci,
Lauren, Janeen, and Missy made it.

Oh, and our cheerleader of the year for 2006 - and FHM's sexiest
cheerleader - Bibiana, made the squad as well. I have no idea how she can
top last year, but we'll see...

You can reflect back on last year's competition at:

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