Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Tickets went on sale today for residents in England.  And then, later in the day, more tickets were put on sale in Europe.  They sold out of those in 90 minutes.  Thus far, that accounts for about 40,000 of the tickets.
As stated earlier, 15,000 will be offered to the corporate sponsors.
And, there's another block being witheld for sale in England next month.
So, 55,000 of the 90,000 (61%) are already sold to people in Europe.  And "the other block" is probably 20,000, but that's just my speculation.
The Dolphins have assured all season ticket holders that they will have the opportunity to purchase the same number of seats they have on their account.  Let's assume there are about 50,000 seats sold through season tickets.  There are at least 55,000 tickets accounted for, and maybe as many as 75,000 will be sold.  That only leaves around 15,000 at the least (and 35,000 at the most) tickets available.  How will they handle that?
As I mentioned before, the NFL expects 10,000 from the US, probably 3,500 from the Giants and about 6,500 from the Phins. 
I expect these to intersect by the Phins offering the $180 tickets, along with some other perks for a premium price, like, lets say, $250 per seat, and that's before hotel, and airfare. Of the 50,000 seats, only a small number of people would be interested in spending that kind of money.
....what I'm trying to say here, Dolphins fans, is that we're screwed.  This "home game" will be seen by fans in Europe, and a few wealthy individuals here.
But, then, given how other team's fans invade our stadium regularly, I expect it won't be that much different than any other game.
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