Saturday, May 12, 2007

The curse of the running back

It seems odd, doesn't it? Miami had three great running backs in the early 70s (Csonka, Kiick, and Morris), and then Csonka and Kiick bolted to the World League. And since that time, Miami has had little productivity, and even less continuity, from the poisition.

Players came and players went. Delvin Williams was productive a few years after Csonka, but then suffered a torn bicep. Then, came Ricky Williams, who led the league in rushing for a year, and had a solid second year, only to wig out.

Think of the players that have come along. Try and name a few. Nottigham, Nathan, Franklin, Overstreet, Bennett, Collins, Smith, another Smith, and heck, even Ronnie Brown.

And oddly, since the early 70s, only the Williamses and Lamar Smith have rished for over 1,000 yards. It only takes 68 yards a game to get to a thousand. But, most players have been unable to accomplish the feat.

I wonder if the position is cursed or something?
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