Thursday, May 31, 2007


There's a story floating around that Nick Saban was in town visiting potential recruits to that school of his.  He did his usual best to stand there and tell kids he's a good guy, and that he doesn't lie.  He used some of his good ole boy expressions, and sounded very nice.  Some kids said they were impressed and didn't believe all the hype and might consider going there sometime.
But, there's a problem: Nick talked with the kids.  The NCAA rules are rather clear: you can't talk with kids during the spring period, other than a greeting.  You can't have contact with their parents, either.  But, Nick went to their schools and to their homes and talked with them, at length in some cases.
Nick says he didn't do anything wrong, and the media is making too much of it.  Think about this.  The man who lied through his teeth, goes to meet kids, lies to them says he's misunderstood, and then goes on to say that he didn't talk with them.
Ummm, dude you have no credibility left. 
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