Saturday, April 28, 2007

With the #9 pick, the Miami Dolphins select...

"Tedd Ginn, JR, wide receiver, Ohio State" and the crowd booed lustily.

I don't follow college ball all that closely, and I am not a draftnik. I knew that there were two players I liked in Jamarcus Russell and Calvin Johnson. Other than that, I didn't know much.

But, I put some amount of faith in Randy Mueller. Sure, he's "associated" with the last two drafts, but I have to believe these were more Nick Saban's doings. Yesterday, in an interview, Mueller all but said his role was limited in those drafts.

Anyway, I had a hunch (which I unfortunately never published) that Brady Quinn was *not* a guy the Dolphins wanted. I had assumed that if he fell to them, they would find a way to not draft him. And their worst fears came true; Quinn was suddenly available at #9.

And Mueller passed on him and took Ginn, Jr. I heard a fair amount of hype about Jr. this season, and didn't believe it. I think I saw one game during the season, and his play was unremarakable.

What I do remember him for was the TD return he had against the Gators on the opening kickoff of the champeenship game. The play on which he was tackled *after* he had scored - by his own team - and injured his ankle.

...and he's still rehabbing from that injury now. And won't be ready to practice until sometime in June.

Maybe he and Daunte can practice together in the training room!
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