Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nothing whatsover to do with the Dolphins

I came home yesterday to find copies of the yellow and white pages sitting on my doorstep, courtsey of Bellsouth, err, AT&T, no, it says Bellsouth.  I'm looking at them and thinking about just how useless they really are.
Then, this evening, I get a recorded call from BellSouth ensuring that I received my phone books and offering to deliver more - at no charge - if I want them.  Too bad it was a recording, because I would have asked if they could have come and picked up the ones they had already delivered.
Do they not get the concept of the internet and their very own website?  Is it really worth it to produce these antiquated books that are organized in a way that was decided upon in the 1930s (true story)?  Just for fun, try to look up something in one.  "Garbage" comes to mind.
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