Saturday, April 28, 2007

Late second round pick

Miami had a second pick in the second round; and with it, they selected offensive lineman Samson Satele.

Here's what the Honolulu Star Bulletin had to say about him heading into the 2004 season:

Like his Biblical namesake, Samson Satele possesses much more strength than a typical man. Satele is much too practical to believe that if his locks were shorn like that other Samson he, too, would lose his power. But he's not taking any chances -- it is part of Polynesian lore that mana, or positive energy, comes from masses of hair. Satele's strength comes from tireless work with weights, studying of technique, good footwork, and a nice little mean streak. According to UH numbers, Satele allowed only one sack in 754 pass attempts during his entire freshman season.

Looks like the kind of guy we want...
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