Saturday, April 28, 2007

Early second round pick

During the week, there were some who thought Miami had its eyes on one of the "second tier" QBs. Turns out, they were right. Miami got the QB they wanted in John Beck out of BYU.

Is he any good? Who knows. But, he has the advantage of coming in as a highly regarded player without the burden of being the #9 pick overall. Sure, Quinn may or may not turn out to be "all that," but the pressure on him to perform (by the fans, the media, and the coaches) would be enormous. Its unlikely anyone could live up to that.

So, if this is the guy Mueller wanted, I'll go with it.

I was looking for anything interesting about the guy, and what I found was that he's a devout Mormon, and as such, he did his mission out of high school. In his case, he was in Lisbon, Portugal for a couple of years.

Sure beats this friend of mine whose mission was to Philadelphia, PA.
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