Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dolphins "open house"

I headed over to the Dolphins training facility this morning to take in part of the draft from that vantage point. I gotta tell you it was a very nice, generous, warm, open, and inviting experience. They had bounce houses for the kids. They had food vendors. They had players signing autographs. They had cheerleaders signing autographs. They had some exhibits. WQAM was broadcasting live. And you could go into the practice bubble, the locker rooms, and the weight room.

Most of the Dolphins staff was around mingling, answering questions, and generally helping.

Tons of TVs were on and tuned to the draft.

Though it was kind of boring (it was almost a poor mans version of the NFL experience), it was really a nice thing for them to do, and the Dolphins appeared to have a pretty good turnout.
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