Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Daunte's inferno

Miami ran its minicamp with Cleo Lemon and some other guy taking snaps at QB.  Daunte rode an exercise bicycle and limped around the field, but otherwise did not participate.
We can all surmise that we were lied to about his situation by Nick, and that Daunte was not ready to play, even though Nick wanted him to be.  And, because he had a major knee operation during last season, which Nick referred to as "minor"...
So, it stands to reason that Daunte won't be with the team on opening day.
What intrigues me is what's happening behind the scenes.  Nick preferred Daunte over Drew last season, giving up a draft pick for a guy who he wanted for whatever reason, and even though the evaltuations showed that Brees was not as badly injured as we thought, and Daunte was more badly injured than we thought.  He ordered more evaluations to "arrive" at a conclusion that Daunte was a better option.
I am gathering from scattered reports that Randy Mueller was of a different opinion on this.  And Miami had invested a lot in Culpepper.  Mueller (a) didn't want to be linked with this, and (b) didn't want to be stuck with the problem the contract presented and having someone who was a leftover, only being kept because the owner had invested something.  And I *think* that may be among the reasons why Mueller hesitated when offered the GM job.  How much control would he actually have?  Could he undo mistakes that were made (that he never agreed with, anyway)?
It would seem that this will be resolved, and Mueller will be able to put his stamp on the team, particularly at the QB spot.  I'll be curious to see who he picks up to compete with the two guys throwing passes at the last minicamp...
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