Sunday, April 29, 2007

Continuing through the draft

Miami's 5th round pick was exchanged for Joey "I played the worst game in NFL history, except for maybe Ray Lucas" Harrington.

But Miami had two 6th round picks:

Their first was used on Hawai'i Fullback Reagan Mauia, a team mate of Samson's. Early at UH, Reagan was an offensive lineman. He and a few other lineman were converted into running backs known as "The Bash Brothers." Said Reagan:
"I'm more like a fullback. A running back is shifty like Nasty (Nate Ilaoa), and all those guys with speed. You're not going to find that with me, man. It's straight ahead."

I'm sensing a definite trend here, aren't you?

Incidentally, that's Reagan doing a haka after a game. I'd personally *love* to see that after a Phins game, wouldn't you?

Their other 6th rounder was used on a guy named Drew Mormino, an (suprise!) offensive lineman. He played for the Central Michigan Chippewas, where his position coach had this to say about him:
"He's a war-daddy. A war-daddy is fearless, intense, loves contact. Drew is just a football intelligent guy and that was evident the first time I met him. He's a gentleman off the field but he's nasty on the field and that's how I like my linemen to be."

Now I *definitely* see a pattern developing. Give me lots of nasty offensive lineman, baby!
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