Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Club Level. Its so exclusive.

I didn't renew my season tickets, by simply not sending in a payment.
So, how did the ticket office respond?
(a) they called me and asked if I wanted to upgrade my tickets
(b) they called me and asked me if I wanted to add addtional seats
(c) they emailed me with a reminder to send money
(d) they sent me a slick flier for the club level
(e) all of the above
Of course, the answer is e.
The ticket renewal package was many ad slick pages about the stadium, stadium improvements, the team, and the tickets.  Undoubtedly, it cost a little money to put together and send out.  I'm guessing that's where the price increase went.
But, the club level brochure topped that.  It was a fold out brochure, with lots of words on it.  They were trying to convince you that the club level is this magical place kind of like Oz, where all your dreams become reality and all your realities becomes dreams.  
What amused me the most, though, was that on "The Apprentice" which aired on Sunday night, contestants were asked to create a brochure for Trump's new property in Las Vegas.  One team had a brochure that had lots and lots of words and Trump made a comment "Who is going to read this?  Its too wordy." 
And then I see the brochure in my mailbox on Monday for the club level and it was much as he described his losing entry.
All I could think of after I read it was: why the heck would I join that?  Because I have too much money to spend?  Maybe I need a tax break?  Maybe I need to entertain clients?  Maybe I'm trying to impress the girl?  Of course prices weren't listed, but I can only imagine its many $$$'s. 
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