Monday, March 05, 2007

Tickets and such

I loved Greg Cote's comment this weekend to the effect of - rejoice Dolphins fans in the ticket price increase.  Just image how much more it would have been if the Phins had made the playoffs over the last 5 years!
And speaking of tickets, the Dolphins have still made no announcements about whether/how/if they'll offer the opportunity for Dolphins fans to travel to the game in London.  Bryan Weidemer was asked about that on Fins TV this weekend, and he gave very vague answers that were all very politcally correct (we want to help fans get to see their team, and we're working with the nfl to decide how to handle this...).  I respect Bryan, and believe that the Dolphins organization would love to have a true "home game" in London.  But the fact is that this is an NFL event.  And the Dolphins have very little say.
My opinion is that the NFL wants to grow its fan base in Europe.  And the fact that 500,000 ticket requests came in already, makes it clear that they can sell out a game.  Over the next however many years, each team will play in an overseas game, and half of them will lose a home game.  Its all about expanding the business....
So, what will Dolphins offer?  My guess is that they will offer a very limited number of tickets via a package deal (probably < 10,000), only to season ticket holders.  You get the ticket, a charter, a hotel, and a few perks all for a price.  They'll probably also do some promotional things like auctions and charity deals to a few lucky fans to make it extra-terrific-special.
Anyone else can just stand in line, just like the Brits (and other Europeans) will have to.
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