Monday, March 19, 2007

Season ticktes

I did officially give up my tickets this week.  For all the reasons stated, and as sort of a move of solidarity to all my fellow fin fans who sat in the front row and got jacked on their ticket prices because the Phins call it the loge.  Especially, I'd like to point to Big Papa Pump and the previously mentioned Richard (with the signs) who are being asked to cough up an additional $25 per game to be the kind of fans they are.  They're average guys like me, and I think its wrong of the Phins to do this.
I did receive the ticket renewal form, and for grins I was reading the fine print.  There have been some changes.  Basically, if your tickets are in in the upper deck endzones, you can transfer your tickets as before, but if your tickets are in the lower bowl endzones, you can transfer the tickets to immediate family members only.   Everywhere else, you can not transfer them, and the Phins get to resell them to anyone.  Its subtle, but significant.  They're trying to get more corporate people, and encourage people to buy and hold on to season tickets.
Lest we forget, its all about the dollars.
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