Monday, March 19, 2007

The offseason thus far

I remain skeptical about what's going on with the phins.  The left side of the o-line looks shaky.  The QB situation is totally in flux.  The dbs are the same.
And regarding the QBs, the Phins lost two top-tier wideouts in the last couple of weeks, both of whom went to the Patriots.  And both of whom said they'd rather play with Brady than be in Miami where there is no established QB.
By the way, as I look at the Pats, I see that they have broken from what made them successful, and this year, they're paying a few guys more in free agency, and even *gave up* some draft picks to acquire players like Welker.  I have to wonder if they're upsetting that delicate balance....
A mini camp opens today, and maybe we'll know more as it winds down.  Maybe.
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