Friday, March 23, 2007

Lack of a QB

The evidence about what's going on with Daunte is interesting.  Let's recap:
* He had a couple of great seasons, followed by a few sub-par seasons.
* He suffered a fairly significant injury
* He was rehabbing away from the team, and the medical staff was questioning his desire
* He was acting as his own agent, and that frustrated management
* He was traded to Miami, but was absent a lot from various team functions early on
* He was annointed as the starter, and played poorly in a few outings
* He reportedly had a row with Nick, and that put him further in the doghouse
* There were reports his problem was "between the ears"
* He reportedly stopped rehabbing, then started again, then had surgery again
* He is still not 100%, and is rehabbing.
And now comes word that Miami is looking for another veteran QB to come in.  Trent Green's name has come up, and David Carr is being talked about.  You don't do that unless you have 0 confidence in Mr. Culpepper.  Sure, you bring in a free agent, but you don't trade for a guy.
And the story is that Carr can be had for the price of swapping 1st round picks with the Texans.  Move from 9 to 10, and he's yours.  Seems to me that's a pretty easy decision to make, because you haven't actually given up a draft pick.
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