Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gimme a B ... Gimme a Y.... Gimme an E....What's that spell?

The most peculiar "Dolfan Denny" passed away this week. And I feel a strange sense of sadness intertwined with a how did this guy get to be so popular.  Denny was a guy who started showing up for the fledgling Dolphins franchise in 1966, and cheering them on from the stands. 
He became somewhat of an icon with his ahead-of-his time orange outfit and sequined hat.  So much so, that Joe Robbie started paying him $50 a game to stand on the sidelines as sort of an unofficial mascot/cheerleader.
Dennis Sym, a.k.a. 'Dolfan Denny,' was officially honored by the team in 2000 for 34 years of service. Said his wife, Ingrid: 'He did everything he could to always be with his team.
He kept cheering well into the 90s before finally retiring. 
And I never got this guys popularity.  Sure, I remember him from the Orange Bowl, and he did get the crowd started.  BUT, it seemed so strange somehow.  A guy who had been ahead of his time 30 years before now seemed outdated.  There have been those who have come since like Big Papa Pump and Richard (the guy with the shoulder pads and the signs), but they'll always be compared to the guy who wore the coaches shorts and the big orange hat.
Like I said, he'll be missed in the oddest of ways...
May the football gods welcome you warmly, because there's no doubt you loved your team.
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