Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ticket prices

Yep, H Wayne confirmed that ticket prices will be on the rise again.  Last season, they ranked 8th lowest in the league.  The increase will be about 12%
''We raise ticket prices every year regardless of what the season is," quoth H. here's my take, for 2 people to get tickets, considering the average ticket price of $59, plus parking:
Last season:                                This season:
per game: $59                              per game: $66
10 games: $590                            9 games: $594
x2 people: $1,180                         x 2 people: $1,188
parking: $200                               parking:  $180
Total:  $1,380                              Total: $1,368
So net-net, you're saving $12 this year because they lost a game.
*BUT*, you have to pay for two meaningless preseason games, which account for 22% of the total cost as opposed to the usual 20%.  
I think the Dolphins streak of selling out home games may be nearing an end...
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