Sunday, February 04, 2007

Kudos to the Colts

The Indianapolis Colts won their first NFL championship.  But, of course, the Baltimore Colts won it several times, last time in 1970 when they defeated the Dallas Cowboys.
Need I remind you of what happened there, exactly?  The Colts were beloved in Baltimore.  But, Robert Irsay made a "business decision" to relocate the team because the city wouldn't build him a stadium and he didn't have a favorable lease arrangement.  Indianapolis offered a pretty sweet deal, and he bolted.  But, the way he did it was wrong.  He had trucks come in the middle of the night and move the team without warning.  And he took the team name - and history - with him.
He always said he'd be willing to sell the name back to the next owner who came along in Baltimore.  Enter Art Modell, who moves the team from Cleveland to Baltimore.  He leaves behind the Browns name for the city of Cleveland, and attempts to buy the Colts name for the city of Baltimore.  Irsay makes a demand for a large sum of money, and Modell balks and instead decides to rename the team.
They wind up with the name "Ravens" and a new franchise is doesn't end there.  A local guy sues the team for stealing his idea for the logo, and wins.  They wind up paying him more than what Irsay was asking for the Colts name.
The Colts name remains with the team in Indy, and they win the champeenship tonight.
Kudos, and Peyton Manning turns out not to be the next Dan Marino because he actually won a championship.  The minkey is off his back.
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