Sunday, February 04, 2007


Cam Cameron is among 6 new coaches this coming season.  We'll help you to find out who is tops among them as we head into this offseason.
For the record, they are:
Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh), interviewed by Miami
Bobby Petrino (Atlanta)
Ken Whisenhunt (Arizona), interviewed by Miami
Lane Kiffin (Oakland)
A coach to be named later (Dallas), likely to be Ron Rivera, who was also interviewed by Miami
BTW, I heard an interview with Mike Nolan this week.  I came away totally impressed, and had to wonder why H Wayne didn't even consider him when he selected that lying sack a few years ago, since they both became coaches at the same time. 
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Bitchin' Dave DeleteReply

The Dallas coach actually turned out to be Wade Phillips, who was not as intriguing a choice as his father, Bum, but nonetheless is a good ole' Texas guy.

The new entry into the contest is San Diego, which decided to fire Marty Schottenheimer yesterday.