Thursday, January 04, 2007

This just keeps getting better

Now, the stories are starting to flow.  Nick was an arse while he was here, apparently.  And no one wanted to talk about him while he was in control of the team for fear that (if they were a coach) they'd get fired, (if they were a player) they'd get cut or put into the doghouse, or (if they were a reporter or observer) they'd lose access to the team.
So, you hear about a "fight" between Daunte and Nick that led to his demotion.  You hear about a really pissy attitude with Tony Egues (equipment manager)...
The story goes that the first time they met, Egues went to Saban's office to ask what kind of shirt Saban would like to wear on gameday.  Saban told Egues to get out of the office and not bother him with such issues.  So, Egues hung a bunch of different kinds of shirts in Saban's locker.  Saban came in to dress for the game, and started throwing the shirts on the floor saying 'I don't like long sleeves'  'I don't like pullovers'  and the like...Egues (who is a truly down-to-earth and hard working guy) was just trying to help...everyone who was there could hear this mini-tirade.
You hear about how he treated those around him.  Its just not pretty.  And of course you hear how he told people that he would never go to Alabama because they're a bunch of rednecks.  This guy is a freaking fraking pathological liar.
Then, this morning, there was a quote from his wife who said she was happy to be out of South Florida, and that they would have been out sooner, except Wayne didn't want to let them go.  Nice way.  Good riddance.
And I also hear that the private jet which is registered to the University of Alabama has been down here on multiple ocassions over the last several months.  Its not recruiting time, so draw your own conclusion.
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