Saturday, January 20, 2007

selecting a coach

Its interesting to note that George Wilson was hired because Joe Robbie and Danny Kaye knew little (if anything) about football and the guy came recommended.
Then, Robbie hired Shula away from the Colts.  Undoubtedly, it was a coup, but he just went after Shula believing him to be the right guy.
Wayne hired JJ because he thought he was the right guy.
Then Wayne hired Dave because JJ recommended him.
Jim Bates simply took over.
Wayne hired Saban without a second thought.
So, what did these guys have in common?  They were all hired without considering anyone else for the position.
And JJ, Dave, and Saban also have one other common thread: they all quit the Phins. (Wilson, Shula, and Bates all were "forced out" in some way).
So, kudos to H Wayne and the organizational staff for taking the time to do this right.
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