Saturday, January 20, 2007


Cam Cameron Cameron becomes Miami's 7th head coach.  Dom Capers ultimately agreed to remain the defensive coordinator.  And Cameron will be making decisions on the rest of the coaching staff in the coming days.  He openly said he is willing to consider Mike Shula for a position on the staff, and will talk with him.
But, most importantly, in my mind, H Wayne made the concious decision to give Randy Mueller the regins as the General Manager, in order to keep someone focused on players while the coach focuses on coaching (so to paraphrase the lying sack of crap "fans need to be fans, players need to be players, coaches need to be coaches, and personnel guys need to be personnel guys.")
As I anticipated, Mueller interviewed each candidate, and saw how their philosophy fit in with his.  When it came to Cameron he said it "was like I was looking in the mirror."
Okay, looking at the pictures, I can't say its like a mirror, exactly.  But whatever.
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