Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I read an article in the Sentinel this morning about how the Dolphins have decided to increase the prices of tickets for club seats, now that the leases are set to expire.  They're raising them up as much as 400%, with notes that they may be increased more in the future, during the lease. 
I can't blame customers for electing not to renew.  When Joe Robbie originally floated the idea to build a stadium with his private funds, he reached out to the average customer and offered them a lease deal on club seats.  H Wayne renewed most of those shortly after he acquired the team from the Robbies with little increase in price.
Now here it is 20 years later, and he wants the club seats to be more "exclusive" so he can make more money.  I get it, and I find it somewhat perplexing, because the average Joe is being left out to some degree.
One other note: I did read the comments by the president of the stadium organization.  He was saying that the $250 million in consturction upgrades are being passed along.  Don't forget: the Dolphins are being reimbursed for the construction by the NFL, so this is very misleading.
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