Monday, January 29, 2007

NFL experience

I went to the NFL experience ( ) on Saturday.  For the most part, it was enjoyable.  If you've never been, the best way I can describe it is "like a carnival" had all these things set up like the field goal kicking competition, and the 40 yard dash (both pictured) which you could participate in.  It felt like one of those fairs that comes to town and leaves.
spring05-Kicking_Sp05.jpg (7975 bytes)spring05-KidsRunning_Sp05.jpg (23031 bytes)
Or, you could get autographs from some NFL player, but you didn't know who, exactly, would be there, or when.
What kind of bugged me was that there were a lot of blatant advertisements throughout.  Everything had a sponsor, and because their banners were so prominently displayed, there was no mistaking who plunked money down.
...and what confused me was that while it was all "free" once you got in, you had to spend $15 per person, plus $12 to park!!!  With all the sponsorship, I was wondering why that was the case.  Is the NFL hard up for money or something?  Most of the people working there were volunteers, meaning they're only gettting free admission, a Tshirt, and possibly food and drink.  So, why such a steep admission?
Was it worth it?  Maybe as a once-in-a-lifetime event.  But, when the Superbowl returns in 3 years, I doubt I'll head back out to this.
I have told people I talked with that it was fun, and I do recommend it.  But, don't expect too much...
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