Sunday, January 07, 2007

More on the head coach

The papers have been making a big deal out of the fact that Randy Mueller has been left out of the hiring process, though he has the title of GM.  My impression is that while he is the GM, he is not part of the "leadership" of the organization.  H Wayne has a very structured business operation with him as the overall CEO, Bailey as the CEO of Dolphin Enterprises, and Weidemer as the President of the Dolphins.  Those are the executives, and they make the hiring decisions.
So, there's no surprise there, nor do I think there's a slight toward Mueller.
What I find more interesting is that a guy who is something like the "Executive VP of football operations" has been totally absent from the process.  Who is this person?  Why that would be one Don Shula.  Maybe you've heard of him?  Maybe he could be of assistance in hiring a coach?
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