Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A look back

I said the Phins would go 11-5.  Clearly, I was impaired in some way.   The QB play was pathetic overall.  Receivers forgot how to catch.  The o-line was adequate.  Defensively, Miami did some very good things.  But, the dbs allowed too many big plays and didn't come up with enough turnovers.  Too bad they wasted some great plays from JT and Zach.
Top offensive performer.   Hmmm.  I'm going to give it to Vernon Carey.  He consistently played well, and did what you'd expect from a guy drafted that high.  No one else really did enough this year to warrant consideration.
Top defensive performer (not named JT): Zach led the league in tackles, and had 21 against the Bills.  He also served as the grand marshall in a parade.  Can't beat that.
MVP: who else but JT deserves this?  He had a very good 1st half of the season, and a spectacular 2nd half.  He had 2 interceptions returned for TDs, two fumble recoveries, and 13 1/2 sacks.  But, alas, he proved he's not good at everything, losing in the first round of his ping-pong tournament.
Biggest disappointment: in game decisions.  If Nick can figure out a few small nuances - or hire someone to help him - the games might turn out a little differently.  He needs to decide when to throw the challenge flag, when to go for 2, and when to go for it on 4th down.
Biggest offseason need: A new offensive coordinator.  Get Mularkey outta here.
Best game: Miami clobbered Chicago and it was sweet.  I loved that game.  But, then, they beat the snot out of New England 21-0 a few weeks ago, which you've got to love that.  As much as I love beating a division foe (and this was the only one this year), I have to say the Chicago game was better.
Worst game: There were so many stinkers this season.  Sure, the games against the Bills or Jets recently were horrible.  But, I revert back to what I said at midseason:
But, I'd have to say the loss to the Texans was my pick for the worst. They coulda shoulda woulda won that game. Except that they had a few lame plays, and wound up down by 11 with very little time left. And then game management became suspect. Nick went for a fieldgoal when he was inside the 5, and then had to go for 2 to *tie* the game late. Mularkey had Ronnie Brown throw a left handed pass. Ugly.
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