Tuesday, January 23, 2007

guilty by association

As the Patriots took the lead in the AFC championship, I was thinking about our old pal Bill Bellichick. People call him a "genius" and I say "p'shaw"...the guy is obviously good at what he does, and he prepares his team well. He's very good at in-game management. And I hear he's well read. Fabulous. But a genius on the field?

C'mon he's done as well as he has because he has a QB that stands out and makes the difference in a few games that an average QB might otherwise lose. Its the combination of the two that makes it work.

Now, I'm not really a fan of his. At least in part, its because his team is in Miami's division. But, there's something that just irks me about the whole organization.

And I receently decided that I actually dislike him now, because he's friends with good ole' Nick. Call it guilt by association, but I can't see how anyone can be friends with the Tuscaloser.
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