Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Do I have this right?

Back in 95, Shula was literally run out of town because "the game had passed him by" and we wanted a champeen.  We wanted to win now.  Forget that he was winning 66% of the games.  Forget that we were always winning the division, and made the playoffs perenially.  We weren't winning championships, dat gumit.
Enter JJ, who was 95% hype, and 5% hair.  He got his buddy, Dave, a job.  Jim Bates filled in for a short time.  Then came "the savior" in Nick Saban.  Double oh Saban as he was called at the time.
JJ made the playoffs in 3 of his 4 years, going 2-3
Dave made the playoffs in 2 of his 5 years, going 1-2
Neither Jim nor Nick made the playoffs.
So, in the end, a decade + later, we're in worse shape than we were with the Don.
How sad.
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