Friday, January 05, 2007

Did Nick get everything he wanted?

We here at Dave's suggested Nick ask for everything, namely:
* To have Bear Bryant's name erased.  He didn't get that, but the football museum on campus (how dumb does that sound?) was preparing a special section in his honor.
* To refer to the school as "Nick Saban's Univesity of Alabama."  He didn't quite get that, but one woman did proclaim that he was more popular than the governor of Alabama, so that's a close second.
* To change the school colors to his favorite.  We hear that one of his faves is red, but that could be a lie.
* To have classes taught about him.  C'mon, its only a matter of time with an ego that big
* To ride around campus on an elephant.  Okay, he didn't get that.  But, look closely at his tie: it has elephants on it!
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