Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The list of 12 candidates was never confirmed in its entirety.  In fact, there is some speculation that (a) its incomplete and (2) that some of the people were never actually candidates.
In any event, we independently confirmed that H Wayne's 737 travelled to all the locations stated (8 cities in all), and most of the 12 did say they spoke with the Phins.  Several candidates shortly thereafter said they weren't interested (young Schottenheimer and Caroll being most notable).
There was some speculation about who the "final" candidates would be, and H's Gulfstream made several trips back and forth to Atlanta.  We heard that Chan Gailey and Jim Mora, Jr were brought in for interviews.  Then, there was a flight plan filed for another trip to Atlanta.  Speculation was rampant that one of these two was going to be offered the job.  BUT, whoever initially suggested this miscounted the number of trips, and it turned out that Jim Mora, Jr was still here, and this was his return trip home.
But, then, Wayne got smart and restricted access to all flight plans for his aircraft, so it became a bit of a secret.
And then Bryan Weidemer came out and said that Gailey, Mora, Dom Capers (who was just offered a lucrative contract to stay on as defensive coordinator), and Cam Cameron (who will be visiting this week sometime) were the main candidates.  But then came the shocker: Mike Shula has also intereviewed and is considered a strong candidate to have in the mix.
Bryan wants to leave it at 5 unless and until someone else who is interesting becomes available.  There's no rush, because there's little competition for these 5 coaches.  But, we likely will know who the next coach will be in a week or so.
...hey Bryan, I'm available, and I'd be happy to be a head coach for a year or so while you continue searching for the right guy.  I can teach the guys how to be fans, and not players.  And I promise to rely heavily on those around me to succeed.
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