Saturday, December 30, 2006

Back story

There was an Article in a Maine newspaper about Dolphins' Cheerleader Megan. Its often interesting to learn more about the women who are selected to cheer.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Over the past few weeks, I've heard a number of stories about Daunte. Maybe his rehab wasn't going well. Maybe he stopped it. He had a roe with the coach. He might be cut. You name it, it was out there.

Then, last night Steve Young voiced his opinion. He said he thought Daunte needed to be more mature, and that his missing team meetings was a problem.

Daunte heard the view on him while sitting in a skybox at the stadium....and oddly, he walked to the press box and waited for Steve Young to step out, and exchanged words with him. They were reportedly animated but amicable. Joe Thiesman stepped out, and was involved in the conversation. Daunte expressed that there weren't any missed meetings (other than meeting a doctor) and his "rehab is going well."

Young apologized, and Thiesman carried some of the updated info to the viewers. But, this just seemed odd. Why did a report like this surface? And why did Daunte feel the need to confront Young to fix it? And why won't Daunte talk to the media locally, so some of these other rumors will disappear?

Now, it really makes me wonder if Daunte will be around next year or beyond....

A word about the patsies

I watched their game this past weekend against the Jaguars with an eye on how good or bad they really are. And I have to say that overall they are no better and no worse than the Dolphins. Except for having Tom Brady.

I'm pretty sure that if they didn't have Brady, they'd be 6-9, like Miami, and fighting for last place. But, as it is, they're 10-5. Brady is an accurate passer who presents good leadership skills and has an ability (the intangible if you will) to make things happen on the field.

There aren't many QBs like him these days, probably fewer than 10 of them in total. They can overcome some otherwise mediocre play by the team. And on the other side, you have another few teams that can live with the "average" QB because of the ability of another player, or the defense on the whole (think Chicago).

My point is this: Miami could be leading the division if they could just find that "special" QB, and might be in the hunt if they had someone above average. Nick and Randy Mueller certainly have tried, bringing in Frerrote last year, and Joey and Daunte this year. But, these guys clearly aren't the answer. Give credit though: playing Cleo a little will at least give a sense of whether he can be that guy.

The haves and the Hadnots

And seeing Adams reminded me (because Adams looks a little like a smaller Rex Hadnot) about a sequence from the game yesterday that I thought changed the complexion of the game.

It was 3rd and 1 in Dolphins territory. Joey dropped back into the pocket. He scanned the field a few times and had decent protection. Then, a lineman broke free and was bearing down on Joey. Harrington simply threw the ball away, but got called for intentional grounding. And though I don't often agree with Mr. Thees-man, he was right, it was clearly grounding.

Joey didn't think so, and started arguing with the ref. He started to lose his cool, but then regained his composure and trotted off the field. Rex Hadnot decided to take up the effort and started yelling at the ref. He was pretty hot, and lost his composure.

The official flagged Hadnot for unsportmanlike conduct. So, it went from what might have been 4th and 1, to a 4th and 26, and Miami had to punt from inside their own 20. In the overall scheme of things, it mattered little, but it was a moment that I thought had a correlation to the outcome.

I could only laugh

I was out at breakfast this morning, wearing a bright orange "SuperBowl XLI" T shirt. As I was leaving, I noticed a guy standing around with his family wearing a Dolphins shirt. He appeared to be a player, and it took me a moment to realize he was linebacker Keith Adams.

He looked at my shirt, and I'm pretty sure at first he thought it was a phins t-shirt because of the color. He reads it, and then smiles and says good morning as I walk past.

Had I been at the top of my game, I probably would have said "I'm starting my new years resolutions early, and not wearing any Dolphins gear!"


Saban said all week Joey would start because "he gives us the best chance to win." And also said he would play Lemon if the opportunity were right. Joey did nothing in the first half and gpt benched. Lemon looked decent out there.

Marcus Vick was active this week, and saw the field, ummmm, including the play that...ummmm, yeah, no times. What's up with that? But, he had a better night than Chambers, because at least he didn't drop a ball.

Loved the interview with Shula during the game. He had some sniping comments for the Alabama administration. His son was fired, and his coach (Shula still holds a position with the Phins, evem if it is titular) is being poached. Clearly, he has issues with the situation.

Hey, Beavis, this sucks

For the record, I think Nick Saban is staying in Miami. And I'm still inclined to think that's a good thing. But, I wanted to reiterate that I'm wavering on that point.

I wasn't impressed with what I saw this evening. How in the heck can one team miss that many tackles? Overall, Miami played a good game, but they couldn't wrap anyone up. And worse than that, on at leat 6 occasions, Miami had an opportunity to make a game altering turnover, but they came up empty every stinking time!

...except on the one play where the punt bounced against the Jet, and Miami recovered. But, here's where Mularkey missed a golden opportunity: often, on the ensuing play, defenses are coming back on the field with their heads down, and its time to strike! Go for it all, and you may succeed.

Miami didn't, and found themselves facing 4th and 1 inside the 20. The score was 10-7 Jets with under 3 minutes left. I'm sitting in my chair thinking "you're 6-7, and have a chance to show some moxie. Go for it!!!" ... and of course, out comes the field goal unit. Sure, it moved to 10 all, but Miami was playing for the tie like it might somehow matter. It didn't, and the Jets got the 70 yard run after that.

The Jets now have the inside track to get to the playoffs. And Miami has the inside track to draft in the top 10, regardless of who's coaching.