Thursday, November 16, 2006

Defensive stats

I've heard tell that Miami's defense is one of the best this season.  That's an interesting statement, so let's take a look at that...
I have found that to determine "the best defense" you really must compare four critical stats:
Avg points allowed per game
Avg yards allowed per game
Avg yards allowed per rush
Opponents Passer Rating (average)
Miami is allowing 18.7, which makes them 8th in the league this year does not rank against what are considered the best defenses of all time does not rank against the Dolphins best defensive teams
Miami is allowing 277 yards per game, 2nd best in the NFL
...this ranks as one of the ten best of all time, just behind the 1996 Packers
...this ranks as the 3rd best performance by a Dolphins defense, behind the 72 and 73 teams
Miami is allowing 3.4 yards per rush, 12th best in the NFL
...that would rank 5th best all time, right behind the 76 Steelers
...that's the best a Dolphins defense has accomplished
Opponent rating is 78.15, near the top of the league (4th) does not rank against what are considered the best defenses of all time does not rank against the Dolphins best defensive teams
So, Miami's defense would appear to be very good this year, and should be considered one of the best in the league, and certainly one of the best Phins teams ever.  But, they don't stack up *that well* against the "best ever"
those best-ever teams include:
69 Vikings
73 Dolphins
76 Steelers
77 Falcons
77 Cowboys
85 Bears
86 Giants
91 Eagles
96 Packers
00 Ravens

Cheerleader of the year voting

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    mmmm Mashed Potatoes

    "We're going to carry No. 8 with us on our back when we're mashing on them."

    So said Randy McMichael this week. Won't it look funny having Culpepper on his back when he's making mashed potatoes during the game?

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    100 wins

    The Phins won their 100th game at the Joe Robbie / Pro Player / Dolphin Stadium.

    Let's see, the stadium has been open for 20 years, so they've been averaging 5 wins a year there. That means they've won 62.5% of their games there.

    Here's a quirk

    This is the Dolphins 41st season. Dan Marino retired after the 35th season. Since Dan played for 17 years, that means he played for half of the Dolphins existence!

    Imagine that. Half of the franchise's history at the time was played with Marino as the QB.

    Monday, November 13, 2006


    Olindo Mare got his 4,000 point this week. Wow.

    To relay or not to replay?

    Near the end of the game, Yermiah Bell appeared to intercpet a pass. One official ruled it incomplete a few moments later, and then all of the officials conferred and it was ruled incomplete.

    They showed a replay on the big board, and I would say the first replay looked like it was an interception. The others appeared inconclusive, thought one of the guys I hang out with said he thought he saw the ball come out on one replay.

    Tony Gonzalez was injured on the play, so there was a timeout on the field. The officials were watching the replay on the big board.

    ...there were less than 2 minutes left, so its up to the replay official to call for a review. And he did not, in spite of the number of times he and the officials on the field saw it.

    Now, I'm not saying it was picked off. As I say, I couldn't tell for sure. But, this was the play that would have effectively ended the game, and it struck me that the play was questionable enough to have gone to a replay *just to be sure*...

    On another play, Miami called a gadget play. Ronnie Brown took the handoff and then attempted a pass to Chris Chambers. Chambers made the catch, but came down out of bounds. It appeared as though Sertain pushed Chambers, and maybe it would fall into the forceout rule.

    They showed a replay, and it appeared maybe this was indeed true, and the fans booed lustily.

    But, the play couldn't be reviewed. Two factors were at work: Chambers feet appeared to be in position to come down out of bounds, whether he was pushed or not. And, more importantly, the force out rule is a judgement call and is not reviewable.

    Who's better Huard or Fiedler?

    The year that Fiedler was brought to Miami was the year that Marino retired. Huard was the "heir apparent" to Marino, and Marino suggested that Huard was ready. For most of the season, the call-in shows were lighting up with "I wonder how Huard would have done?" Or "don't you think Huard should get a chance because he's the better QB?"

    Fiedler lasted a while here (unfortunately) and is now out of the league. Huard bounced around a little and found his way to KC, where he backed up Trent Green. Green was knocked out of a game, and he got his chance...he played well for 4 games and there was a bit of a QB controversy brewing. And then, his performance was sub-par against Miami, and it looks like Green might be coming back...

    Miami 13, Chefs 10

    "Yeah, but who are the chefs?"
    "great moogley boogley"
    --a line from one of my favorite commercials.

    So, Miami was coming off a big win against Da Bears. The Chiefs were playing tough football, and were powered by Larry Johnson. The Chiefs were favored by a point and a half, and it might have been more except that Miami has a very good defense.

    Huard was knocked down early, and often, which I have to believe affected his ability to throw it. And the Chiefs didn't have a 1st down in the 1st half. Wow.

    And...Miami held Johnson to 75 yards rushing, and basically dominated the game for a half before allowing a late rally by the Chiefs. But, it wasn't enough as Miami held on to win the game.

    Here are three stats that stand out at me: no interceptions, one penalty, and no sacks. That's how Miami fared. If they could do that every week, they'd be leading the division right now.

    And the penalty actually didn't hurt the team too badly: Bowens was called for a face mask after Huard ran for a first down. The ball was at about the 6, so it moved forward to the 3.


    Bill Cowher announced that at 2-6, his Steelers were out of the playoff hunt. Meanwhile, in Miami, hope springs eternal, and there's still a chance at 2-6 to make the playoffs.

    Cheerleader of the year

    See the contestants for Cheerleader of the Year.
    Link (if nothing appears above)

    Where was Bibiana?

    She's on the left, in blue

    Try as we might, we couldn't spot Bibiana at this weekend's game. Maybe she was home sick?

    Where was Daunte?

    Daunte was listed as "inactive" this week, but he wasn't at the game, so far as I could tell. The last few weeks, he stood on the sidelines wearing street clothes. The first week, he listened to the playcalls on the headset, and stood by the coaches. Then, he was just standing by the QBs. And finally, last week, he was just standing off by himself. This week, he wasn't on the sidelines that I saw.

    Odd, indeed.

    A very smart play

    Miami had just gone up 13-0. KC went three and out, and punted the ball to Wes Welker. It was a bit short, and Welker ran up to catch it. He realized the defenders were bearing down on him, and quickly raised his arm and waved for a fair catch. He caught the ball and was immediately tattooed by Pollard, who apparently never saw the signal, and barely had time to react. Welker was able to hold onto the ball, by the way.

    Why was this a smart play? Because Welker knew he was going to get popped either way. But, he took the chance that if he did somehow drop the ball, Miami would retain possession on the fair catch interference.

    Miami did go down the field, and Mare missed a Field Goal. But, I think it was a crucial play in the game on Miami's penultimate series of the first half.

    Finally, something goes well

    Here's a little known stat: for the first time this season, Miami scored on their first possession of the ball game.

    And for only the second time this season, Miami was actually playing with a lead.