Friday, November 03, 2006

More on Daunte

No its not "moron"...Nick Saban is toying with the idea of ending Culpepper's season and placing the QB on injured reserve. I expect that it will happen, and this is just preparing us for the obvious.

Saban cites swelling in the knee and insists that Culpepper is the QB of the future.

Uhhhh, yeah, more like the QB of the past if you ask me....

stupid argument

And no I'm not talking about the president and the senator. I'm talking about Bob Keuchenberg and Zach Thomas. Seems Kooch made a comment that this team has no heart or soul. And Thomas shot back (basically) that he's an old guy who doesn't know this team.

Sorry, Zach, but I gotta go with Kooch on this one. The very fact that you felt the need to defend the team - in spite of being 1-6 - tells me that there is a problem with the soul of the team.

Looking ahead

Do the Phins stand a chance against the Bears? Could they surprise the Bears (and us)? I doubt it. In fact, I'm not even going to watch the game. Really.

And what do the 72 Phins think about urging Miami on? Well...that's another story. Several were asked if they would request to be on the sideline to root for the current team. They all declined, figuring Miami is not the team to knock off the Bears. Larry Csonka summed it up by simply saying there's no chance.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


The website made some interesting points about Adewale this week, as the "showdown" with Miami looms.
"I'm over Miami and I'm in such a better place, so for me to even look back would be stupid."


Joey Harrington got into a discussion with Kim Bokamper about how "the numbers" show how bad Miami is.  Harrington quipped back  "We talked about numbers a couple of weeks ago. If numbers mattered, then Al Gore would have been our president, right?"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ummm, yeah....

I had missed this little tidbit until I went back and looked.  Starting at guard for the New England Patriots Monday Night was Billy Yates.  You may remember him as one of the three guys Miami brought in from Texas A&M in 2004.  The others were Seth McKinney and Taylor Whitley.  Heck, A&M had a good o-line, so it made sense that Miami should grab these three interior linemen teammates.
McKinney is a beast, but has had an up and down career in the pros.  Whitley was, in a word, awful.  And Yates never cracked the starting lineup for more than a sub role due to injury.  But, as I recall he was the guy who had the most potential according to the personnel department.
And somehow he was let go by the Phins, winds up with the Patriots, and manages to help protect Brady and open holes for the backs. 
Maybe it is coaching after all.

I'm down with that.

The Tuesday Morning QB at ESPN had this to say:
In other football news, man, what great games this weekend! Kansas City-Seattle, Atlanta-Cincinnati, Indianapolis-Denver, Jacksonville-Philadelphia, Baltimore-New Orleans and New England-Minnesota were all strong matchups. Why so many strong pairings? The four bye teams -- Buffalo, Detroit, Miami and Washington -- had a combined record of 6-22. Most of the cupcakes took the weekend off, and the result was the games played were tremendous. TMQ's suggestion to improve NFL play: Let these four teams take the rest of the season off.
Sounds good to me.  Yep, Phins take the rest of the year off.

New podcast

I did a special edition of my podcast this week.  I interviewed Tom Eddie, owner of the website.  We talked about his site, the team, and a little about being a Phins website owner.  I hope you enjoy it.  And please let me know if there's someone else you like to hear on a future podcast.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Enjoy the day

With the Dolphins on a bye, take some time to enjoy your day. Get outside. Get some fresh air. Forget about them being 1-6.

And remember: at least they can't lose this week.