Saturday, October 28, 2006

Remember...this Tuesday is election day!

We here at Dave's encourage everyone toget out and vote!  Express yourself. 
I've already lived up to the "vote early" now all I have to do is remember to "vote often"

[editor's note: Dave must have been hanging out with Ricky. That would be *next* Tuesday]

The football gods smile

The football gods welcome perfecto Charles Leigh to the afterlife this week.  Leigh joins Wayne Moore and Bob Matheson who look down on the football world and ocassionaly cause mirth on the gridiron.

I guess being a winner has its advantages

The Miami Sequarium announced the birth of a baby dolphin yesterday.  Its name?  Zo, after the Miami Heat center.
A new dolphin is born, and its named after a Heat player, and not a Dolphin player?  There's some lack of respect goin' on there.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Tackle hunger

The Phins are once again parterning with the soup company to tackle hunger.  Though I usually won't pimp for a company without getting some dough in return, I think this is a worthwhile cause. 
I'm hoping the Dolphins do "cans for cans" and weigh players and donate their weight in soup cans.  Gotta love that.

A little haiku

I wrote a little haiku to comment on how I feel about the how I think coach Saban is doing:
Trouble with red flag.
Punts go boom. Figgies for ties.
Dolphins coach Saban

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Whatever happened to...

Former Cheerleaders Jackie and Brenda are now working on the TV show "Que Dice La Gente" here in Miami.

Maybe they haven't been keeping current?

One of my readers - a UCF alumnus (motto: we are where Daunte Culpepper attended college) - sent this to me,,,
They do realize that Culpepper is inactive....right?
UCF Alumni:
Extended Registration Deadline:
Friday, Nov. 3, at 5 p.m.

Michael, come out and join fellow alumni to cheer on one of our very own Golden Knights, as Daunte Culpepper and the Miami Dolphins host the Kansas City Chiefs at Dolphin Stadium.

Event Date: Sunday, Nov. 12
Event Time: 1 p.m.

Tickets are available at a discounted price of $41 for UCF Alumni Association members while non-members may purchase tickets for $49.

Buy Your Tickets Now

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Joe Bailey interview

I caught a bit of the Joe Bailey show last night.  He was talking about how the NFL plans to play some regular season games outside of the US, possibly as sooon as next season.  He is aware that there are some teams that really have expressed an interest in doing it, and that there are certain teams who have an international appeal, and would probably be asked to play in such a game.
And, of course, Miami is one of the teams that would probably be asked.  He gave all the politcially correct responses: we're glad we have the appeal, we want to follow the league, blah, blah, blah, but never did he say "We'd leap at a chance." I think they should do what every other major US company is doing, and simply outsource.  The NFL could create a league in India and have the "Miami Dolphins of Mumbai" hosting the "New England Patriots of New Delhi."
I wonder, though, how the "Washington Redskins of Bagalore" would be taken.


When we went on the tour of Dolphin Stadium during Web Weekend, we were taken into the media center that controls the HD scoreboards.  Jeff is the guy who runs the place, and he was gracious with his time, and explained all that goes on in there.
One of the things he talked about was how he handles replays of questionsable calls.  If it favors the Dolphins, he will show replays from as many angles as possible as quickly as possible to aid the Dolphins staff in making a decision to challenge the play.  But, if the opposing team might benefit and make a challenge, he won't show any replays.
This past Sunday, there was the play where Donald Driver caught a pass and it was ruled incomplete by two officials.

As it happened, I thought "I bet Jeff won't be showing that replay on the scoreboard."  And sure enough, they started doing crowd shots, and had a shot of the players on the field. And, then, out came the challenge flag for the Packers.

It wasn't until after the ref went under the hood that the replay was shown/
Jeff also noted that there's a league rule that only the network's replays can be shown on the scoreboard once the challenge is made.  So, as expected, that's what we saw - and it was obvious because they were not in HD as the rest of the camera shots are during the game.

It was cool to see it happen just as he called it.

Roger Goodell interview

I saw some text from a recent interview with the commish the other day.  He was asked some questions about Miami hosting the next SuperBowl and what he thought about Soth Florida as a venue for the big show.  As one might expect, he said he thought Miami was a great place to host the game, and that its always successful, and it stands to reason that there would have been 10 here: there's good weather, plenty of hotels, and lots of activities that make it appealing.
He was then asked what he thought of the stadium construction and the "supersite" concept that was floated last year.  He was intrigued by the construction, and thinks it will really add some additional appeal to the stadium.  He thinks H Wayne is doing his best to keep the stadium fresh, and delighting the fans.  And, interestingly, he thought the supersite is not at all dead, and supports the idea of having the game played in Miami on a refular basis - and pointed out that with 25% of all superbowls, it really already is.
One other thing of note: the reporter asked him what he thought about Wayne privately funding the construction, and he replied that that's sort of misleading.  H is funding it himself, BUT, he also can deduct (and is deducting) some of the money he would normally be paying to revenue sharing in order to, well, repay himself for the costs.  So, as Goodell explained it, the league is involved in the financing.

Monday, October 23, 2006

meanwhile on another planet

The Packers had three rookie offensive lineman, and have a top pick in AJ Hawk playing linebacker. And they're among the 12 rookies and 3 1st year players.

Kind of the opposite of Miami, eh?

Top rookie

The Dolphins now have 5 rookies on the roster.

Marcus Vick - 3rd QB at the moment
Tim Massaquoi (TE) - inactive this week, no catches this year
Fred Evans - inactive for the 7th week
Jason Allen - had 2 tackles, but allowed a TD
Derek Hagan - 13 catches for 150 yards and a TD

Yeah, Hagan is guy right now.

Odd series / rulebook

Green Bay got the ball at their own 25 with just under a minute left in the half.

They moved the ball 32 yards in 5 plays, and faced a 4th and 1 at the Miami 43 with 8 ticks left. Miami was ahead 10-6, and a field goal here would trim it to a 1-point lead at the half. But, it would be a 60 yard score.

So, Green Bay elected to go for it. Favre threw quick across the middle, and the receiver went out of bounds after a 6 yard pickup. The booth called for a review, but the ref realized the play was not reviewable on a technicality (I believe it was because he was down by contact), so it was upheld.

Its now 1st and 10 on the 37 with 4 ticks left. They line up for the field goal, and a flag is thrown. Zach Thomas was called for a "disconcerting gesture" an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and Green Bay is given an additional 15 yards. Turns out that while we thought Zach must have flipped someone off, he actually said something to shift the defense, and the ref thought he said "HUT" to cause a false start.

Interestingly, the play has already started when the flag is thrown and the kick goes up and through the uprights. I believe that there's a timing issue here. In most circumstances, the team will be given the choice of declining the penalty and taking the points OR of taking the points and having the penalty assessed on the kickoff. I'm assuming the officials decided the flag was thrown before the play was started, so there was no play. But, I believe they erred on this one, and Green By should have been given the option to take the points.

Now its first and 10 at the 22, still 4 ticks left. Green Bay lines up again. The ball is snapped, and the kick goes up and through. There's another flag on the play. This time, its a major facemask committed by a Packer. Its a 15 yard penalty to back it up to the 37 again.

The officials confer for a moment, and then comes an announcement that the half is over. In this case, this is a continuing action foul. The play did get off, and so the clock started. The foul occurred while the play was ongoing, and the 4 seconds ticked away, in spite of the fact the clock didn't move.

The half can not end on a defensive foul, but it *can* end on an offensive foul, and did.

You had a couple of interesting things happen, and it may have been the most exciting part of the afternoon.

Defensive struggles

Oddly, Miami had perfect opportunities to pick off 3 passes, and were in position to maybe get a 4th, and yet they came up empty on all of them. Favre threw the three right to defensive backs, and they acted like they were Chris Chambers on the play.

And what was up with the Phins inability to stop the run? And the fact that they didn't adjust to the Packers adjustments. JT started off en fuego, the Packers made some adjustments, and JT disappeared.

That's just sad.

Offensive struggles

Miami's offense has been lame. No imagination. Nothing seems to work. Scott Linehan had a good offense that worked. When he left, Nick promised he would continue to run "the Dolphins offense." Instead, Mike Mularkey changed it extensively. This looks more like a Chris Forrester offense to me, than a Linehan one.

And how is that the Packers can start three rookies on the o-line, and yet they bust a big run, and are able to make adjustments to stop Miami's pass rush. And yet, Miami's highly overpaid offensive line is nothing more than offensive?

Play of the game

The interception return for the TD was quite the game breaker. Ahman Green's run was huge.  The TD to Driver that may or may not have been a catch was a deal breaker.  But none of those really ended the game.
My take is that Miami wound up down by 10, and was trying to score late in the 4th quarter.  There was a drive that stalled with a couple of minutes left, and the Phins were facing a 4th and short down near the 30. 
...And I started shouting "YOU HAVE TO GO FOR IT!  PLEASE DON'T SEND IN MARE!" Of course, Saban decides to play for the tie and sends in the field goal unit.  You are 1-5. You are down by 10.  You have nothing to lose.  Making a field goal means that you're still down by 7, so you're basically playing for the tie.  "Fortune favors the bold" is the get the idea.
Mare kicks the ball and it clangs off the upright, and that's pretty much it. 

Packers 34, Dolphins 24

It did occur to me to say "Packers 34, Fudge Packers 24" but I thought better of it.  Or not.
This week, the script was a little different, and I am thankful for that in many ways.  But, there were eerie similarities to the other games, and ultiamtely, Miami lost.
Miami started off better than usual, completing a long pass on the first play before bogging down completely.  And they scored an 1st quarter TD that actually gave them a lead that they kept for the entire half.  I have to admit, I was impressed for a time, and thought they might actually find a way to win.  After all, I assumed that if the  Brett Favre v2.0 showed up, Miami might win, but if the Brett Favre version 1.0 showed up, Miami would lose.  Early on, it looked like it was v2.0, but that was only a bug in the system.
Miami came out in the second half, and received the football.  First play from scrimmage: Harrington passes to McMichael, the ball bounces up in the air, and Charles Woodson grabs it and runs 23 yards for the score.  And the lead was relinquished for good.  Miami did kick a field goal to get back in it a short time later, but then Ahman Green got the ball, ran through the Miami defenders to the endzone, ran into the tunnel and took the little DHL cart, drove that onto the field, and around the defenders, then got out and delivered a few was at that time, the Dolphins figured out that he had scored a TD and chased after him.  But it was much too late.
At this point, the Dolphins continued their effort to merely play for a tie.  Anything that may have happened from that point on was just for amusement.
...I did hear some people in the crowd chanting for Cleo Lemon to come into the game, and that proves two things to me: (1) the most popular guy in town is the backup QB, and (2) that fans are clueless. 
To the second point: Harrington had a decent day.  The fact that there were 62 passes isn't his fault.  The sub 50% completion rate can be traced to drops by receivers, of which there were many.

"Its worse"

Players that were around in 2004 for the Wannstedt error say that this season is "worse" and disagree with the coach's comments that there's are focus and execution problems.

Hmmm. The roster is about 90% different than it was under Wannstache. The coaching staff is 99% different. The support staff is relatively intact. So, in my humble opinion, the problem lay in one of the areas where there wasn't turnover. Do you think coaches Mel Phillips or Keith Armstrong are the problem? Do you think John Gamble (strength), Kevin O'Neill (trainer), or the team doctors are the problem?

I kind of doubt it.

So, that leaves the players who were left over from Wannstedt's tenure. And yes, I'm talking primarily about Chris Chambers, Randy McMichael, Jason Taylor, and Zach Thomas. Now, I'm not in the locker room, so I don't know for sure. But, I do see a lack of production and leadership from Chambers. McMichael has been decent, but also has lacked the leadership characteristic. And from both Taylor and Thomas, I see two guys who have always talked a lot, but not necessarily with positive intent.

Who are the ones who are mostly likely to be outspoken, and / or to have different opinions from the coach? Who are the "team leaders"? Yeah, you got it.

I question them, and wonder if they are really the source of the problem.

Marcus Vick

Marcus Vick (#16) was signed to the active roster this week. The original plan was to use him on some offensive plays...but on gameday, Saban used him as the emergency QB, and deactivated Daunte Culpepper completely.

Because he was the #3 QB, Vick couldn't come into the game at another position.

What does this say about Culpepper?

Chris Chambers

I spent some time watching Mr. Chambers this week. He was nearly always single covered by Al Harris. Now Harris is a good db, but a good #1 receiver will often get open in single coverage. Chambers, to his credit, did get open a few times, but he didn't really find himself in a position to make a catch.

On one play, he had beaten Harris by about 5 yards. Harrington saw this, and threw the ball out there, leading Chambers away from the defender and toward the endzone. Chambers looked back at the ball and saw it coming, but made *no* adjustment to the ball. He simply kept running the same route at the same speed. The result was an incompletion over his head. Oh sure, he reached out to try and get it, but it was hopeless.

He wound up being thrown to 7 times, and made 2 catches. In other words, he stinks.

Jason Allen

Wow, Jason Allen actually was out on the field on defense this week. I wouldn't say that he "played defense"...he did have two tackles...but then again, he was one of the players covering Donald Driver on the TD pass shown here.

Funny thing about that play: two referees came in and said the ball hit the ground. It sure looked to me at the time as though the ball came out, but on the replay it was hard to tell. How the ref saw enough in the replay to overturn the call is beyond me.

A blast from my own past

Back in 1987, I was at the University of Miami, when they lost the national championship to Penn State. I found a picture that I thought was ripe for doctoring, so I took out scissors and glue and got to work. I photocopied the result, and passed it around to some of my friends. And "somehow" a few copies showed up around campus tacked to bulletin boards.

Anyway, thus began a career of doctoring pictures, which ultiamtely led me to digital doctoring of pictures. That is more or less what this website started out like: doctored pictures that told a story. It has, of course, evolved since then to what you see today.

A friend of mine found this, and I felt the need to share it. Yeah, its no wonder UM lost, with Joe Pa playing for the Hurricanes!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Zach quote

"We've got to quit worrying about the win-loss record and just go out there and play football and try to be exciting, play with energy, and try to get our fans into it. They deserve a little entertainment, and we haven't given it to them."

You are darn right you do! The last few games have been mostly boring affairs, with similar scripts. In fact, two guys sitting near me this week actually fell asleep. Really.