Friday, October 06, 2006

Quarter-season comments

So, far my MVP of this team is Olindo Mare. Man, can he kick it off deep!

As for top rookie, there are only 3 to chooise from:
Jason Allen - ummmm, he may some playing time soon (?!)
Fred Evans - has been inactive for 4 weeks
Derek Hagan - one catch for 14 yards/

I guess Hagan would win the nod right now, but that ain't much of an honor.

Instead, how about a top newcomer? Maybe (and I say maybe) Daunte

Daunte may not start?

"This is not an issue relative to results or anything that has happened in
games. It's a physical, medical, ability issue. Can the guy do what he
needs to do to be successful? If we were 4-0 right now, we'd be having the
same conversation." -- Nick on Daunte's status. He went on to say he
wasn't sure if Daunte would start.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The two point play

One of our web groupies - Leo - suggested an idea for a poll this week:

Which of these plays was the worst pass in Dolphins history:
(1) Ronnie Brown's throw on the 2-point play last Sunday
(2) Garo Yepremian's throw in SuperBowl 7
(3) Garo Yepremian's throw in SuperBowl 7
(4) Garo Yepremian's throw in SuperBowl 7
(5) Dan Marino's "spike play" against the Jets

I like it!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Its a point of view

A Bears fan friend of mine sent me the following, regarding this article:

Good workmanship! Just like the team, the stadium is falling apart. At
least Wrigley has history and an excuse. Maybe it's falling apart from the
lack of fans that go to the games. Is Nick Saban going to blow up at the
stadium to?

Monday, October 02, 2006

A positive stat

Wes Welker became the Dolphins all time leader in kickoff returns on Sunday.
You can look at this two ways: (1) he's good, and gains a lot of yardage,
or (2) the Dolphins have allowed so many scores that he's returning a lot of

I'll think positively, and assume its because of the first one.

A negative stat

The Dolphins are on a pace to achieve what few teams have done in the past.
They are currently on a pace to have 80 sacks against them...

The current top three are:
Philadelphia, 1986 - 104 sacks allowed (that's probably out of reach)
Arizona, 1997 - 78 sacks allowed
Houston, 2002 - 76 sacks allowed

That's not something to be proud of.

And recall that Miami holds the record for fewest sacks allowed in a season
with 7, in 1988. Heck, this team has allowed that many in a game!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rule notes

At the end of the game, Miami attempted an onside kick. The ball went about 7 yards, and Texans player went up for the ball, but muffed it. The ball bounced onto the turf, and Adams for Miami dove on it. But, as he tried to cradle the ball, he was hit, and the ball rolled out of bounds.

The officials conferred about the call because they wanted to get it right. And at the end, they did get it right: it was Houstons ball where it went out of bounds.

So, here's what they probably were looking for:
* Did it go 10 yards before it was touched by Miami? No.
* Did a Houston player touchit first? yes
* Did Miami recover it before it squirted free? Hard to tell at that moment, but probably not.
* Who touched it last before it went out of bounds? Houston

Because here's the situation - if Miami had gained control, it would have been Miami's ball. In the event on onside kick goes out of bounds, but no one ever had control, it goes to the team that last touched it.

So, it was important to decide who last touched it. Miami would have had one last chance had the Houston player not knocked it out.

Play of the game

Sure, the moment of truth was the 2 point conversion. Culpepper throws it to the back of the endzone, and both Chambers and Booker are falling down as the pass arrives.

And then, moments later, you had a perfectly squandered opportunity where the onside kick was nearly recovered by Miami, only to have it squirt free like a wet watermelon seed and go out of bounds.

But, Miami's real trouble can probably be traced to the time in the game where there were nearly 6 minutes remaining, and Miami was down 17-6. Its 4th and goal from the 4, and Nick decides to kick the field goal. That moment was defining, and I think ultimately decided the outcome of the game.

Houston 17, Miami 15

Saturday you had Miami taking on Houston in a college game. Both teams struggled and looked not-so-great, but the home team eeked out a win 14-13.

Sunday you had Miami taking on Houston in a pro game. Both teams struggled and looked not-so-great, but the home team eeked out a win 17-15.

The difference, of course, was that the University of Miami was at home on Saturday, while the Houston Texans were home on Sunday. lets take a moment and give some thought to this situation: the Dolphins had some momentum from last week, Dom Capers knew his old team (or so we thought), Houston - with the exception of David Carr - is just plain bad.

But, yet, Miami looked very much like the Dave Wannstedt teams of old, and played an extremely lackluster game all the way around. The Texans would give them an opportunity and they'd squander it. I was so underwhelmed that I nearly fell asleep at one point during the game.

...and I ask myself why I keep doing this? Often, I Tivo the game, and watch it when its convenient; and I fast forward through the cover-your-eyes parts. But, a few times a year, I get excited about the game, and make time during the day to sit down and watch it. This was one of those games, and it basically sucked.

...I just don't get it. How can they be this awful?

Cheerleader pics

I have some new pictures to share. Enjoy!


During the week, I heard and read several reports about how Mario Williams was progressing as the #1 overall pick. There were comments that Williams still didn't have a sack yet this season.

I kept thinking that because they were playing the Phins this week, it was likely that Williams would finally get his first sack of the season. I mean, Daunte Culpepper is the most oft-sacked QB in the league after all.

Sure enough, 1.5 sacks on the day. Back to back, at a critical juncture in the game.

On Ronnie Brown

Last year, when the Fins picked Ronnie #2, I was skeptical. He's a solid back to be sure, but he never carried the load on his own. But it seemed okay, because Miami had plans to share the load between Williams and Brown. Williams had the big runs and the more flashy stats. Brown was consistent, and a bit of a bull in the backfield.

I heard Marshall Faulk being interviewed the other day, and he was asked whether Brown was an elite back. He hesitated, and then gave a noncommittal answer "he has the potential to be." But, then, he was asked if backs either have "it" or they don't. He agreed. So, reading between the lines, he didn't think Ronnie was an elite back.

And I'm sitting here watching the Patriots play. And what do I see? An elite back in Lawrence Maroney. He is outstanding, and at least appears to be better than Brown was at the same point last year. I make no further comments than that.

Hey, Beavis, this sucks...

Whatever I, you, or any "experts" thought about the Miami Dolphins heading into the season is irrelevant. Forget about it.

This team is downright bad, and they'll be lucky to wind up with a winning record at the end of the year.

And I have to say I'm very, very disappointed in the effort I'm seeing from this team. Where is the problem? You name it. Coaching, o-line play, QB play, WR play. On defense, look no further than the secondary.

There are just too many weak areas to overcome.

I guess he did put on a little weight...

Man, it does look like Daunte put on a little weight doesn't it? I guess that would explain his mobility...