Saturday, September 30, 2006


Take a look at the names on the locker, and the names on the jerseys.

I think Tony Egues may not have had his coffee...

Web weekend

I've (finally) posted my web weekend comments and pictures. Take a look at the Web weekend section.

And do let me know if the pictures aren't displaying...

Friday, September 29, 2006

Yeah, that's about right...

According to the Miami Dolphins official website, punter Donnie Jones has
his own web page. Yes, a punter has a web page. What has this world wide
web come to?

Curious, I clicked on the link ( and it comes up

I guess he has nothing to say.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Here's a fact

Miami played the lowest rated starting QB in the league last week in Kerry

This week, they play the highest rated QB in David Carr.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Keeping up with the cheerleaders

Maxim is doing another piece about NFL cheerleaders.

You don't want to miss this...

[pictured is the Dolphins Lilly, who is also featured on the cover of the calendar]

Jason Allen update

Jason was on special teams again. Kick coverage, almost exclusively. Funny
thing about that: Nick told us that Jason would play when he's ready.

He did tell us that he wanted us to understand something about Jason: he was
a corner in college, and the Phins were asking him to play safety. He
arrived late to camp, and was moved to corner due to injury. So, he's
learning a new system, and playing two positions. Plus, he was injured in

Nick also pointed out that Troy Polamalu didn't play at all in his rookie
year, either.

So, while I'll still keep track of Jason, I will take it a little easier on

Another Dave update

"Our players really did a good job of coming out ready to play. You're
supposed to win these games," said Wanny of his team's 51-6 win over the

Momentum shift

As I mentioned, there was a change in momentum at one point in the game.
2nd quarter. Tennessee had scored on their last possession to go up 7-3.
They mounted a 6 play drive that started at their own 20, and faced 1st and
10 at Miami's 24.

Collins passes to unknown tight end Bo Scaife, who basically catches it at
the two and starts to lunge forward to the endzone. Zach is tackling him,
and Will Allen comes in and strips the ball out. Andre Goodman falls on the
ball, and Miami takes over at the 3.

At that point, you could feel the momentum shift. 7-3 and a big recovery,
versus 14-3, and being behind the proverbial 8 ball.

Nice work.

Critical plays

Miami had a trio of key plays in this game:

Early in the 4th quarter, score tied at 10, Miami faced 4th and 4 at their
own 29. Jones punts to Pac Man, and Pac Man jukes and ducks and rolls all
the way to the endzone for what he thought was a score. Except for that
pesky illegal block that brought it back to the Tennessee 22. Tennessee
went 3 and out to end that series, and Miami scored on their next possession
to take the lead they wouldn't relinquish.

Its obvious, but Tennessee 1st and 10 at the Miami 43 at the 2 minute
warning. Travis Daniels steps in front of the pass and effectively ends the

...but not quite. Miami needed a 1st down to seal it. Miami had a 3rd and
8 at their own 33. They had run two downs, and clearly the Titans were
thinking run to grind the clock. Culpepper backs into the shotgun, and
throws a pass to Welker who's just past the first down marker. He gets
another 10 yards and is hauled down...

And that did it. All of this happened in the last 5 minutes of the game,
which made this probably the most interesting part of the game.

Funny stat

Miami is 1-2.

Their win is against the Titans.

Pittsburgh is 1-2.

Their win is against Miami.

Buffalo is 1-2.

Their win is against Miami.

So, Miami has one win, against a winless team, and lost to two teams that
have only win, each to Miami.

Dolphins get their first win!

With my view of the game, it was hard to see a lot of details, and catch the
subtlety of some plays. I have the game at home on Tivo, and my plan is to
watch it sometime before Friday.

But, in the meantime, here's my basic analysis of the game: the Phins came
in at 0-2, and looking pretty bad. They were facing a very bad 0-2 Titans
team. Simply because their expectations were higher, and the Phins were at
home, Miami was favored by 11. Yes, 11 points for a team that had only
scored 23 points in 2 games, while allowing 44.

Miami started off well enough, rolling out to a 3-0 and looking like a
cohesive team. Then, suddenly, Kerry Collins forgot who he was and thought
he was Dan Marino. He was hitting open receivers, moving the ball well, and
got the team on the board with a beautiful TD pass that appeared to only
happen because of a safety breakdown.

On offense, Miami went stagnant, or maybe Tennessee's defense got its legs,
and started playing well. Miami could do nothing, really, but I give credit
to Mike Mularkey for having the team continue to run the football, and for
throwing in a few end arounds to keep the defense slightly off balance. I
think it paid off in the end.

Meanwhile, the Titans were using the Tight End extensively, to try and take
advantage of poor safety play. But, a costly fumble at the goal line seemed
to change the momentum, and Collins started playing more like Collins and
was throwing wildly (heck, he threw a pass that was closer to a fan in the
upper deck than an actual receiver).

Miami scored a little bit later to take a lead. And then, after being tied
again, found a way to take a lead, and hold it. A late Travis Daniels
interception sealed the deal, and Miami held on to win late.

And while certain columnists may say Miami looked crappy playing an inferior
team, I'd disagree. Miami did look mediocre at best. But, half of the NFL
is playing at the same level. There are a few elite teams that make up
another quarter of the league, and a few horrid teams that make up the other

And as for playing an "inferior" team, remember the old adage "on any given
Sunday, any team can beat any other team." It still holds, and I'll take a
win any way you can in the NFL.

Miami stands at 1-2, and only a game back from the division leaders at 2-1.


I would like to encourage my readers to visit for
the official site of the host committee. Learn more about the superbowl and
what's going on to prepare.

And of course, you can participate by becoming a volunteer!

Monday, September 25, 2006

another mystery solved

I had been wondering what happens to former cheerleaders. And this weekend,
I learned the answer. Many of them are still involved with the Dolphins in
some capacity. I'm not sure if they're volunteers or they get paid for what
they do, but I saw last year's pro bowl rep - Danielle - helping to set up
things for us.

And I previously mentioned that Kristine is (or was) talking to the fans a
la Defoe.

And our "ambassadors" for the day were Adriana and Kelly. I also saw Gina
out on the field on Sunday in a similar role.

I talked with Adriana and Kelly for a bit on Saturday...hey they were there
and were happy to talk with us. The Dolphins started the ambassador program
to make a more fan-friendly type environment for guests of H Wayne and such.
The idea is to give them someone to direct them around the stadium, onto
the field for pregame warmups, and then to their seats. They can answer
questions for the guest, and assist them as needed. And it doesn't hurt
that they'r easy on the eyes.

I think this is a great idea, and it shows the Phins are trying to make for
a better fan experience - even if this particular effort is for executive

By the way, I did mention to both of the young ladies that I had a number of
their pictures on my website, and that this was a win for both of us: I get
more hits because often people find my site by searching for cheerleader
pictures, and they get more exposure, which benefits them in some way.

Quick hits from the game

I was among the webmasters invited to sit down in the visiting team dugout.
Its basically at the back of the west endzone. From that vantage point, I
had a unique view of the game.

...Chris Chambers scores an apparent TD. The officials rule he's down at
the one. The linesman and the back judge confer right in front of us. The
umpire says "watch coach, he might throw the flag. Keep an eye out for it."
I guess they didn't want to get caught in the same situation again.

...there was a play right in front of us that appeared to have some
infraction (a hold as I recall). Everyone starts yelling at the ref to make
a call. He smirks. Okay, a little explanation here: just before the game,
we were watching warmups and this same ref was walking by, and the same guy
says to him "be sure and call them right today." And he shoots back "Yeah,
maybe I'll give the home team one or two little ones."

...Daunte Culpepper's family was sitting right next to us. There was a guy
in the first row of the stands who was bad mouthing Culpepper. One of the
family members stands up and says he'll take the guy on. It gets ugly until
a security guard intervenes. I decided I would only cheer for Daunte,

...Pac Man Jones had a return that he took to the house, which was in front
of us. We had the benefit of being able to see the yellow flag that brought
it back. He didn't. I taunted him - "Hey Pac Man, look around! That's
right, its going back, jerky!" Whether he actually heard me or not is
debatable, but he turns around to see the laundry and skulks back up field.
I of course did the Pac Man sound. Wa wa wa waaaaaa....

....I got a chance to say hello (and congrats) to Udonis Haslem of the Heat.
He was on the field explaining to the Phins what being a champion is all

...Big Papa Pump was right above us in the stands. Everyone who walked by
throughout the game who was a dolphins official or a stadium official said
"Hey Big Papa" The guy definitely makes an impression on everyone.

...At one point, one of the stadium crew came by and told us we'd be on the
big screen. Cool. Except that when it happened, one of the Phins Force - a
really big guy - stood right in front of me. So, I never made it up there.

...You may have seen the pictures of Travis Daniels celebrating with the
fans. Yeah, those were all webmasters. I'm about three people to the left
of the picture. In other words, not shown.


Finally a new post (sort of)

Hi. we here at Dave's strive to provide fun and new content on a regular basis. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to make updates during most of last week.

But....there will be some updates later today and tomorrow that recap what we missed - and this past weekend's game.

And look for an update to the "web weekend" section of the site later in the week. W.W. was held this past weekend, and once again many thanks to Scott Stone and Rodney Wood for pulling together a spectacular event for us!