Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kevin Carter in his own words

From the Palm Beach Post

It's almost time for the home opener, and for every player, those games are

This is my 12th home opener, and I'm thankful to still be starting, healthy
and doing what I love. Home openers hold a special place in my heart and are
always fun to be a part of.

Last year's opener at Dolphins Stadium against the Denver Broncos was
probably the most special, and not just because we beat a very good team.

I've played on two different teams previously and last year was just totally
new. It was the same thing in a way, but I felt so lucky just to be - and I
know it sounds kind of weird coming from a guy that's won a world
championship and gone to a Pro Bowl - but I felt giddy.

I felt like, "Wow, I'm a Miami Dolphin." The same team that I grew up
watching as a kid in Tallahassee and have always watched.

I've played for the Rams and the Titans, but to actually be in a uniform
that literally hits home to me, it affects me in a way that's almost a part
of my childhood.

You grow up watching a team and then you're playing for them, and it's just
a really cool thing to be in that uniform. It was like a dream come true,
something that I never thought would happen.

Hopefully we'll make it 2-0 in home openers. The Bills, from watching them
play the Patriots, are obviously tough. And obviously we are disappointed
that we didn't come away with a win in Pittsburgh, but from watching film
this week, I know we are not that far away from being a very good team.

Hopefully we'll show that on Sunday. With it being the home opener and the
special things that go along with it, I think we will.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dolphins team challenge


I didn't fare that well this week. I amassed 84 points, compared with the
122 that won this week for the phins celebrities...

In Nick's words...

''We have three kinds of guys on our team. We have guys that get it, that
play good and understand how to play winning football. We have some guys
that are trying to get it and they're working hard every day and they need
to prove they can do it and prepare and get it right. Then we have some guys
that don't get it and don't know they don't get it. And we're trying to
replace them. We've only got a couple of them.''

Looking forward

The Dolphins next host the Bills. Buffalo is coming off a tough defeat in
New England, where they took a 17-7 lead, only to see it dwindle down.

And then, JP Losman seemed to forget he was near his own endzone and dropped
back into it, only to be sacked for the winning points in the game.

And while he may be suspect at that position, their running game is nothing
to sneeze at. Willis Magahee is running with a purpose, and the line seems
to be doing its job. The wideouts are pretty much solid, but without a

It'll be interesting to see how Mike Mularkey's current charges react to his
former charges, since he knows them and their tendencies well.

Miami has the luxury of being at home on what will likely be a sweltering
day. A win is possible, but they can't have breakdowns like they had last

Monday, September 11, 2006

Wanny update

Pitt won against the U of Cincinnatti 33-15. But, they had to hang on after taking a 23-0 lead, and letting that slip away.

Said Dave afterward: "You can't win three games unless you get two. This sure beats a year ago. Our defense was outstanding. We came up with a couple turnovers, the big stop at the end. We got tired out there but we found a way. That was a heck of a win for us. Our guys just never quit. The heart of this team is what you are looking for, but I told the team [that if] you turn it over three times next week against Michigan State, we'll get run out of the stadium."

Pitt is now 2-0.

Maybe they weren't that good after all?

I noticed today that another of Dave's draft choices was cut. Wade Smith, who the Phins put out at left tackle (after playing in college mostly at center), and who looked bad out there (with good reason, see above), was let go after spending the first week on the inactive roster, and all of last season on injured reserve.

So, from Dave's drafts, beginning in 2000, we have only these players left:
Chris Chambers (01)
Travis Minor (01)
Seth McKinnery (02, injured reserve)
Randy McMichael (02)
Yermiah Bell (03)

And from Rick's one draft, we have:
Vernon Carey (04)
Rex Hadnot (04)
Derrick Pope (04)

...and in that span, they drafted 39 players, JJ traded one potential pick for Pat Sertain, and they traded 3 draft picks for Ricky Williams. Oh yeah, and of course Rick traded 3 of the 05 picks for 3 guys who are no longer here (Feeley, Lamar Gordon, and David Boston).

So, stop and think for a moment: Dave and Rick had 42 picks, plus Pat Sertain. Only 8 of these guys are still on the team, or 18.5% of the players selected in the 5 years before 2005. And, they put Nick in a hole by giving up three draft picks they didn't have.

Net-net, 83% of their draft picks are no longer with the team.