Saturday, September 02, 2006

The unkindest of cuts

A large number of players were, as they say, on the bubble, and it wasn't
clear which of them might make the final roster.

But today, the turk came through with the old phrase "coach wants to see
you...and bring your playbook." And we found out who made it and who
didn't. Pretty much all of the defensive linemen made it. Pretty much all
of the offensive linemen made it. None of the young running backs made it,
nor did Fred Beasley.

A couple of the young wideouts made the cut. But not Reggie Mexico.

And now the roster stands at 52 players, meaning that the Phins will likely
sign a running back this weekend.

Sometimes, its all just talk

In talking about what the Phins might do about a backup running back, the
talk is all about how the Dolphins have to find someone. To wit, from the

Gerald Riggs Jr. rushed for 41 yards and had two catches for 22 more
Thursday, but Saban isn't about to entrust his backup to Ronnie Brown to an
inexperienced undrafted rookie or an unproven Kay-Jay Harris.

And I say:
wasn't Ronnie Brown an inexperienced and unproven highly paid rookie last
year? And he was given the starting job on day 1, simply because Ricky was
suspended. I'm not saying that I know either of these guys are that good,
but who knows?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Follow up on comments last season

At the end of last season, I commented:
- At QB, there will probably be 5 or more to open training camp. Among them
will be Gus, not among them will be Sage. You can bet there will be some
talent among the rest.

That one came true, mostly, though the Phins let Gus go when they got

- At WR, I strongly believe that TO will not, ever, be in a Dolphins uni.
But, you might see another acqusisition.

There was a lot of depth at wideout, and clearly some of them will be very
good for someone. And I think you will see Booker and Chambers step up
their game.

- At RB, unless someone comes through with an "unbelieveable" offer for
Ricky, Ronnie and Ricky will be the backs again next year.

Well, Ricky was suspended, otherwise this woulda worked out.

- The o-line will see some changes with (I predict) two new starters next

Left tackle and right guard are different, and Hadnot shifted to center.

- The d-line may see a few changes at tackle, but its unclear who or what
may happen.

Miami picked up a few young d-lineman.

- At LB, Seau is not likely to be back, and I have a feeling the Phins may
take a long look at Zach. We'll see.

Seau was released and retired. Then, he went on to play for the Pats. I
suspect Zach will be used differently this year.

- At db, Sam Madison may have played his last down for the Phins. Reggie
Howard is a goner. And Lance Schulters probably won't be back.

All true

- I've heard that there may be a 30% turnover on the team overall, so that
would be about 15 new faces next year. Its not unlikely.

We'll see what happens after the last cut, but 15 new players seems
reasonable: 2 new QBs, half a dozen new dbs, 2 new o-line starters, and at
least 2 backups, Vick just to start...


And now here it is. Back for a 13th big year, Bitchin' Dave's prognostication on the Dolphins success.

I'm putting them at 11-5, and thinking they can, possibly win the division.

And now its time for the annual preseason awards

  • Thurman Thomas award given each year to the player who manages to lose his
    helmet during a game (and since Thurman played here one year, it seems only fair):

    This year, we didn't have an incidents regarding lost or misplaced helmets, so we'll take this opportunity to send an award up to the Phins first opponent this season, and in particular Ben Rothlisberger, since he left his helmet at home when he went out to ride his motorcycle.

    [editor's note: riding a motorcycle is stupid. riding a motorcycle without a helmet is stupider. we urge our younger readers to not ride motorcycles]

  • The battle of the bulge given each year to the player who tips the scales, and
    who in older days would have required a cattle scale to weigh in
    Keith "Tractor" Traylor looked like he was a shoe-in to win this....until Big Daddy
    came to town. They don't call him Big Daddy for nothing. He is listed at 340, but appears to be more than that.

  • Dude with the best job outside of footballThis award is given annually to the
    guy who has more to his life than football.
    How could I pass on the opportunity to compare Joe Toledo once again to John Belushi. They look so much alike, I want to ask Joe if he was known as Bluto in college.

  • Offseason cheerleader moment award A new award, this is given to the cheerleader
    who had a "memorable" offseason.

    Alas, there were no "fun" moments this offseason. But, we did have one of the cheerleaders (Bailey) delivering season tickets to herself. That's not what we had in mind in the spirit of the award, but it was pretty funny. And I'm sure a little embarassing to to the front office.

  • The Yatil Green memorial award, as demonstrated by Will Poole given each year to the player who injures
    himself very early in training camp
    : Well, whaddya know? Will Poole wins the award for the second year in a row! Good for you!

  • The Ricky Williams award Given to the guy who simply quits
    on the team
    This is a no brainer, and Manny Wright is the man for the job. But, hey, Manny, we don't want you to cry about it.

  • Guy with the biggest change in attitude This is a brand spankin' new award, given to a player who suddenly "gets it" and decides to turn over a new leaf Who better than our own "Reggie Mexico" who hasn't held up a single McDonalds, nor gotten an underage girl drunk in his time here.
  • Dolphins 29, Rams 9

    That's an odd score for a game, isn't it?

    What did we learn today, boys and girls? That Miami's backups can beat the Rams backups. And that's about all.

    Sure, we saw some good play from Cleo Lemon. And we saw Marcus Vick play a little QB, and return a few punts, and catch a TD (ensuring he'll make the team). We saw some decent effort from pretty much every defensive back who won't be starting, except maybe for Jason Allen who looked better but not fantastic. And the running backs - Gerald Riggs and Kay Jay Harris - showed some things.

    But, you can't gauge a team by how well its backups played in a totally meaningless game such as this. And it was such a yawner that I didn't even attend the game in person, instead deciding to watch it on TV.

    ...and so ends another preseason. Mock football is now over, and its time for the real deal.

    It always comes down to the coin flip!

    The Miami Dolphins invited the Dolphins webmasters to join a celebrity
    fantasy football league, but space was limited. A few of us responded, and
    there was some confusion about which Dave - Bitchin or Big - was included.

    So, I offered to have a coin toss. Referee Phil Luckett was brought in for
    the ceremony, and I got the call. He asked me to call it in the air, and as
    it went up, I said "heads, I mean tails." and it came up heads.

    He had to make a call to consult with the league office, but it was
    confirmed that I had in fact lost
    the coin toss. Big Dave from Phinfever got the spot.

    Next time, there will be a rule change, and I'll have to call it before it's
    flipped. :)

    But, I'm thinking I might go ahead and play here on my webpage, and see how
    I would have compared with the celebs!

    Thursday, August 31, 2006

    QB update

    AJ Feeley wound up signing with the Eagles. So, that means he was traded to
    Miami for a Miami 2nd round draft choice, and then traded from Miami for a
    Miami 6th round draft choice. And he wound up back where he started 2 years
    later. I'd say the Eagles got the better end of that deal.

    And Jay Fiedler was released by the Bucs.

    Basically, it boils down to neither of them being all that good. Thanks
    Dave and Rick for that forgettable era in Dolphins history.

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Jake Scott

    With the announcement that Dick Anderson would be added to the Ring of Honor, there's been a lot of discussion about his contemporary, Jake Scott. You see, Scott played alongside Anderson for 6 years, and he holds the Dolphins career interception record, went to more pro bowls, and got selected as a Superbowl MVP (because a very hung over Dick Schappe missed most of the game, and didn't see how Manny Fernandez performed, and really only saw Scott's interception).

    How can he be left out, many argue. And I'd have to agree.

    The issue is that Shula and the Phins are still ticked off at him. He was playing and having a nice career. And the story goes that 30 years ago (this week) he was aksed by Shula to take a painkiller to play in a meaningless preseason game. He wouldn't and was traded to the Redskins for, well, nothing. Of course, there's more to it, like personality conflicts between Shula and Scott. But, even so, Scott went to Washington and then abruptly quit. He moved out of sight, and left all of his football memoribilia with his mother. He hasn't had contact with the Dolphins since the day of the trade, and didn't attend the Superbowl extravaganza with all the MVPs this year.

    That speaks volumes as to why he wouldn't be selected to the ring of honor. He wants nothing to do with the Dolphins, and the Dolphins want nothing to do with him.

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    First cuts announced

    There weren't any real surprises among the first round of cuts. The only
    one of note is G Emmanuel Akah, who actually has the distinction of having
    played for both Nick Saban, and his cousin Lou Saban. He's the only player
    to have ever done that.

    AJ Feeley cut

    I guess it says a lot that the Chargers cut AJ Feeley yesterday. They gave
    him every chance to be the backup, and he couldn't win that job. And so far
    no one has shown interest in him. Gee, Rick Spielman sure did the right
    thing in giving up a 2nd round pick for him, didn't he?

    And meanwhile, Jeff George - who hasn't played football in 5 years - is
    signed to play for the Raiders.

    Uhhh, yeah, Rick looks great right about now.

    Monday, August 28, 2006

    That's crazy

    "I know I'm crazy. I know everybody thinks I'm crazy. I know the players think I'm crazy. I know you think I'm crazy. I know. So I just accept the fact that everybody thinks I'm crazy."
    --Nick Saban, who went off after a reporter asked whether his players will be able to handle the emotional intensity in Pittsburgh in week 1.

    He went on to say "That is another one of those external things that people create that is supposed to make you do something. It doesn't have anything to do with what I do. I watch the film, we do what we do, we practice what we practice and we go play it."

    Honor roll

    The phins plan to induct two players into the honor roll this year. On December 3, Dick Anderson will be so honored. And then, on December 25, Richmond Webb will join the ranks of Dolphins greats, even if he did leave to play two (effectively) meaningless seasons in Cinicinnatti.

    Hey, what about the last preseason game?

    The NWS issued a hurricane watch for south Florida this morning. Ernesto is expected to hit sometime between Wednesday and Thursday. The Phins are "monitoring the situation" and may change the game time at some point.

    But, here's the thing: the NFL mandates all the last-week preseason games be played by Friday evening, thus giving every team a chance to rest for the season that begins the following week. The challenge here is that the Phins play in the first regular season game in Pittsburgh on Thursday, so they only have a week to prep, anyway.

    There's not much room for movement of the game, I wouldn't guess...

    Sunday, August 27, 2006

    Jaguars are state champs!

    With this new preseason round-robin Florida tournament that's been playing
    for a couple of seasons, we can (sort of) see who's tops in pro football in
    the Sunshine State.

    Miami beat the Bucs
    The Jags beat Miami
    The Jags also beat the Bucs

    and ergo, the Jags are the best team in the state. Kudos to them.