Saturday, August 12, 2006

All the Wright moves

Something is amiss with Manny Wright. Late last week, he was voted our wanker of the week, and we had reservations about it, because he was missing practice for "personal reasons."

Turns out that we may have been right. According to published reports, he is depressed and went off his meds, thus causing him to wig out and quit the team...hey wait a minute. Does this sound like someone else we know? Hmmmm.

Now he and his agent are saying Manny wants to be released or traded. Quoth his agent: "The only reason he wants [his release] is because I just think with regard to the depression issue, being in Miami seems to set him back. Maybe it's the memories from last year or whatever. I just think that he thinks not only for his pro career but his mental health that he would be better off somewhere else. This is nothing personal against the Dolphins because they've been fantastic."

But Saban has other ideas: "Players do not determine what their outcome is relative to their [contractual] future. They should be focused on what their responsibility is to be a part of this team. When guys don't do those things, there are consequences for it, and they don't determine what the consequences are. This is the real world. It's business. You have a job and a responsibility. If you're not capable, we'll certainly support you and help you. ... But if you're not interested in doing that, then we determine your fate. You don't."

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More pictures of Bibiana

Here are a few more pictures of Bibiana from FHM Magazine

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Vote for Bibiana!

FHM Magazine is running America's Sexiest Cheerleader contest. Among the candidates is none other than the Phins Bibiana.

Now, in spite of her totally flustered performance on que dice la gente, we couldn't help but vote for her!

Here's what her entry says:
Bibiana Julian

Age 18

On pride “My sister is a top equestrian. She was always the shining star in my family, but since I’ve become a Dolphins cheerleader, my dad brags about me—he and his friends are always asking for tickets. Now when my sister gets angry at me, she says, ‘Bibiana, you’re just a stupid cheerleader.’ She pretends to be mad, but I know she’s proud.”

Meet the new commish

Roger Goodell was selected as the new NFL commissioner yesterday. I understand that many in the "inner circle" had other people in mind for the job, but here's the problem: if they selected someone else, Goodell - serving as the assitant to the commissioner - likely would have walked, and taken all of his knowledge with him.

He's an insider, so this is probably a good thing for the league.

Gotta feel for this guy

Will Poole was drafted during the Dave Wannstedt era as one of the many dbs he hoped would come in and contribute. Playing behind Madison and Sertain he did contribute, but only a little, because the starters were all-pros.

Then, Nick comes in and trades Sertain, but Poole blows out a knee and missed all of last season. He and Ricky rehabbed together at the Phins facility. Both Poole and Saban hoped Poole could contribute this year.

Then, a few days into training camp, Poole injures the same knee (this time it was a stress fracture), and would be lost for the season. So Saban simply released him - injured - and now the settlement process begins. Drew Rosenhaus is his agent, so no telling where this will net out.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wait, was that Ricky?

It was the darndest thing. I was in Miami today, and I saw guy wandering
around muttering to himself who looked just like Ricky Williams. The only
reason I suspected it wasn't him is that Ricky is supposedly in Canada.

I couldn't figure out what he was muttering but it might have been "Dave
used me too much in his scheme."

The grand stage of opening weekend.

The NFL and NBC announced a pregame lineup for the Dolphins at Steelers
opening weekend: they're going to have a concert at Heinz field and a
simultaneous "South Beach Bash" featuring some of the hottest hip hop and
R&B stars who those of us who are over the age of 25 have never heard of.

What is the deal with everything having to be an event? Whatever happened
to just playing a football game?

Oh, yeah, and they're going to have a "Punt, Pass and Kick event" to go
along with the hype. Okay, I'll take a pass on the event, thanks.

A couple of player notes

Jason Allen signed a contract yesterday and his agent says "he's in football
shape." Geez, I can't see how being shaped like a football can help him.

Manny Wright has not been practicing for the past several days for "personal
reasons." We certainly hope that its not because he not listened to
Aerosmith's "Crying" and got to thinking...

Jason Taylor and Seth McKinney are among the players who are currently
injured and there is no timetable for either's return to the playing field.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I love Spanish language TV

5 Miami Dolphins cheerleaders of Hispanic origin (Susy, Janeen, Mabel,
Stephaine, and Bibiana) appeared on Telfutura's "�Qu� le dice la gente a
Regil?" which is basically the equivalent of "Family Fued" this evening.

They were up against a group of construction workers, and (dare I say?)
kicked ass.

But, when it came time for the final round, Bibiana froze, and only was able
to answer one question. Susy fared much better, but it wasn't quite enough
to win the big prize.

Too funny

The phins previously announced that they would be randomly selecting a few
new season ticket holders in the 400 level to have their tickets delivered
by player alumni and cheerleaders.

And so it happened. Except that one of the season ticket holders "randomly
selected" was Bailey Smith, who happens to be one of the cheerleaders asked
to deliver the tickets. So, she delivered them to herself.

Let's stop and consider this for just a moment: this was for new season
ticket holders, new tickets went on sale around the same time as auditions
for the cheerleaders, so was she hedging just in case she didn't make it?
And wasn't she a cheerleader previously? Did she simply forget about the
Dolphins in between?