Saturday, July 29, 2006

Player notes

Eddie Moore was very quietly released from the team on Friday. And so ends his illustrious career. Let's see, Dave selected him and he played, what 2 downs? And Rick wanted Anquon Boldin who has done nothing but be a pro bowler (and his bowling game isn't bad, either).

Other than Jason Allen, the only other unsigned drafted player is Rodrigue Wright. His is a unique situation, because of his injury. He will not play at all this year, so the Phins have to work out a way to give him some money, throw in some incentives, and protect themselves against this being a lingering injury. And Wright wants some big money because he's a big-time player....but then again, he never told anyone about his injury.

I wondered how long it would take...

Don Shula used to run practice right in front of whatever fans happened to come out to see the team. JJ changed all that, and started practicing on the field further away from the stands. Dave copied that. And Nick mostly does the same thing. That is, when he opens it to the public.

Then, they built the practice bubble. Yes, its a good way to deal with the weather, to get practice time on synthetic turf, and to simulate crowd noise. But, it also happens to be a way to practice further away from the fans, because they're not allowed in the bubble.

Anywho, the first practice was this morning. I know a bunch of guys who wanted to get out to see it. I heard a lot of people feeling the vibe, and wanting to head to the practice. And the bubble wasn't going to be "ready" for 2 more weeks.

Then it rained hard early in the morning, and the team went into the bubble. So much for anyone seeing the first practice. And there's no video, either.

But, I hear that the team looked great!

Friday, July 28, 2006

I guess H Wayne won't get his way this time...

Before the draft, H made a comment that he wanted Nick to draft a guy who wouldn't hold out and would be in camp the first day. The Phins drafted Jason Allen, and they've worked out the money portion of the contract. And that's good, but...

They can't seem to agree on the length of the contract. The phins want a 6 year deal. Allen wants less. Impasse. Let the holdout begin.

The new practice bubble

Quoth Nick ''If it becomes a distraction for the players -- every time we go
on the field, they want to go in the bubble and run and hide because it's
hot, I'm going to have to pitch a fit about that."

I like it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh that explains it!

Driving along near Dolphins training camp the other day, I noticed there's
an office complex about a mile north of the facility that's called the
"Saban professional center."

Ya gotta love it. He has his own headquarters for making the Dolphins work!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The weirdo

So, yeah, he broke his arm in a game over the weekend, and is expected to miss at least 4 weeks of playing time. This after "amassing" 214 yards rushing.

Said coach Pinball (really): ''He has a broken arm, so he's going to be out for a little while...You're talking about some fortitude. It's a clean break. He just came off quiet, didn't say a thing. Like, I'd have been screaming...It's football. People get hurt playing the game. On the bright side, the Dolphins don't have to worry about his knees."

Saban wanted Ricky to see a doctor approved by the Phins, but it appears that Ricky will have the break set first.