Thursday, June 22, 2006

Congratulations to the Heat

The Miami Heat won their first-ever NBA championship a couple of nights ago. And we here at Dave think that's swell, and we congratutlate them on the accomplishment.

Now, for those of you keeping score, The Dolphin's last appearance in the Super Bowl was after the 1984 season, and their last win was in 1973.

Since then:
Dolphins appearances in the Superbowl: 0
Dolphins championships: 0

Heat appearances: 1
Heat championships: 1

Marlins appearances: 2
Marlins championships:2

Panthers appearances:1
Panthers championships:0

And please bear in mind that none of the other three even teams existed when the Phins last played in big game.

So, in our opinion, its time for the Phins to win another one. As my friend Dave says over at the Dolphins Make Me Cry: "Almost there since 1973"