Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Position battles

As I think forward to training camp, I think there will be some interesting positions up for grabs this offseason:
* I believe any position on the o-line can be had. There are no locks to start at any position, though I do believe they'll find a home for Rex Hadnot.
* Backup running back - a guy who will probably play a fair amount - is wide open.
* Starters at DT are still unknown
* Starters at two linebacker spots are also unkown
* Every db position is open, though I figure Travis Daniels and Will Allen have the best shot at starting at corner

And then there's Marcus Vick. If he is to make the team, I have to figure he either has to beat out Wes Welker or Travis Minor for a roster position. His main contribution will be special teams, but he will get some snaps on offense, and either of these guys are his competition.

QB Controversy

A buddy of mine and I were having a discussion the other day about the Phins QBs. Its his contention that Daunte will not be ready to start the season, and might actually not play until very late in the season.

And so began the "fun"... we discussed what might happen *if* Joey starts and plays well. Why would Saban replace him, and wouldn't we have what amounts to a controversy?

And then it occurred to me that having a controversy between a top notch QB who hasn't played a down for you yet and a guy who is a good QB and is playing well is a problem I'll take any day.

And it sure beats having a controversy between a couple of very average QBs like Jay Fiedler / Damon Huard / AJ Feeley / my grandmother.

Yeah, well...

Okay, it has nothing to do with football. But, its funny!