Friday, May 12, 2006

A little bit about Nick

I heard Nick's wife appear on the Dan Lebetard show today. She was personable and downright funny. I loved the moment where she told Dan that Nick plays the accordion.

Oh yeah, that would be great in team meetings.

Dolphins QBs

Late last season, I made a comment that the Dolphins would have five QBs in camp this year, and Gus might be among them, but Sage wouldn't. I was pretty much on the money. The Phins finally completed the long-awaited trade for Joey Harrington.

And that means that they now have 5 QBs in Harrington, Daunte, Cleo Lemon, Brock Berlin (okay, so he's actually in Germany right now with the NFL Europe), and Justin Holland.

BTW, Miami gave up an undisclosed draft pick for Harrington. It might be a 6th round pick, or it might be a sack of apples. We just don't know.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Eddie Moore

As I wrote when Eddie Moore was placed on injured reserve last season:

Eddie Moore will forever be remembered as the "great prospect" from Tennessee who was oft injured in college, and in fact was rehabbing from injury when the Dolphins made him their first overall pick in 2003. And, because he was oft-injured in the pros, too. He was injured in his first preseason game and spent the year on IR. He made it back last year, and actually played in about 11 games - with 4 starts no less - only to get injured again and wind up on IR. This year, he had particpated in 6 games, and, well, ended up on IR this week. Future players who have similar distinguished careers can earn the coveted "Eddie Moore award" for ending every season on IR.

Today, Moore was traded to the Saints. I would say he played his last down in Miami, except its not clear he actually played a down here. So much for another Wanny decision...

[update on 5/11] Moore failed his physical and was returned to the Dolphins this afternoon, nullifying the trade.

World's largest HD scoreboard?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

We've heard how Marcus treats his dates

Heading into this weekend, Nick referred to Marcus thusly: "We're on a date. We're not getting married."

I hope that Nick remembers how Marcus treats his dates and that the two stay away from alcohol while on this date. Even if Marcus insists.