Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Dolphins are currently holding their rookie camp. But, as per the Nicktator, fans can't attend. But, at least you can watch interviews and a few edited clips over at the Phins website.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Dave's Bitchin' welcomes Marcus Vick

We here at Dave's would like to welcome young Marcsus to South Florida. Please observe the following rules:
  • there are a lot of young ladies here, many of who are over 21; you should choose wisely when offering to buy drinks.
  • there are many McDonalds around, but pulling a gun on someone for no reason is not acceptable; you may only pull a gun if they fail to ask "you want fries with that?"
  • stomping on other player's legs is not acceptable; unless they play for the Jets

    Thank you.

    [editor's note: the sign, of course, refers to Marcus' alter ego to counter his brother's alter ego]
  • Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    Marcus Vick

    This afternoon, the Dolphins invited the younger Mr. Vick to attend the team's minicamp. They did not offer him a contract, but would consider it depending on how the weekend goes.

    You can read more about this story in the Wanker of the week section.

    More on Harrington

    Matt Millen talked with the NFL about the Dolphins and Joey. You see, Matt thinks he gave permission for Miami to talk with Harrington and "get to know the kid." But, he did not give permission to work out a contract.

    The NFL was quick with a comment: the Dolphins and Harrington were within their rights. When a player is given permission to talk with another team, he can negotiate a contract. There is no tampering, and no issues with the salary cap.

    Millen still thinks they're wrong, and is thinking about having a lawyer talk with the NFL about it. Need I mention that he and Rick Spielman are great friends?

    You see, Millen wants more than the 6th round pick Miami is currently offering. But, Harrington has the upper hand because he won't talk with other teams, and tells them he's going to the Dolphins. And he's owed $4 million in June, so if they don't trade him, he gets rich.

    More acquisitions

    The Phins signed a few undrafted players on Monday. Most were players I hadn't heard of before, but one was a guy who Nick had his eye on during the draft: Gerald Riggs, Jr.

    Riggs is the son of (duh!) Gerald Riggs, the former RB for the Atlanta Falcons. He was a very good player, and the younger player is cut from the same cloth. The issue appears to be his durability.

    But, I like this acquisition and think Riggs will be the backup to Ronnie Brown.

    Sunday, April 30, 2006

    Rounding out the draft

    Miami picked up Rodrigue Wright (DT, Texas), Fred Evans (DT, Texas State), and Devin Aromashodu (WR, Auburn). I admit that I had only ever heard of Rodrigue Wright, but as I recall he was quite the stud as the year rolled along. I heard his name called more than once during the championship run last year.

    Joe, from Toledo, you're on

    Miami just selected an OT from Washington named Joe Toledo. I checked the various websites, and have very little info on him. Is he from Toledo or what?

    And just to make it really interesting, I did a search for a photo, and came up with two individuals who played for u-dub, either of whom could, I suppose, be him.

    I'm assuming its #67.

    [edit]: Nope, its #83

    Update on Joey Harrington

    This story is so odd. Matt Millen doesn't want Harrington around any more. He started working on a trade with Miami, but decided he needed a 3rd round pick or better to send Harrington South.

    Miami said "no way" but continued to work on contract paramters with his agent. Ultimately, they were able to work out a contract, and Harrington said he was going to Miami sooner or later, and wasn't going anywhere else.

    Trade negotiations continue to drag on, and Miami has offered up a future 5th round pick, or a 7th this year for Harrington. Millen won't have it.

    So, Millen opened negotiations with other teams, saying that Harrington can't have a contract with another team because he's under contract with them, and he wants more value for him.

    This one, folks, will get ugly. And Millen hasn't quite figured out this draft thing, has he?

    My how times have changed

    As a football geek, I watched parts of the NFL draft yesterday. The first 5 picks and the Dolphins pick were of particular interest.

    What I found interesting was that the interplay between teams stayed the same as it has been for the last 20 years, the broadcast itself is relatively the same as it has been for the last 20 years, and the method of submitting a card with a players name, having it verified, and then having the commish read it has remained the same.

    But, what has changed? Well, first of all, the draft used to be during the week. It happened on a Thursday, and didn't attract the widespread attention it does today. Sure, some homes had ESPN and kids used to cut out of school to watch the draft in the early days, but really, you heard about it that evening on the news, or read about it in the sports section the following day.

    And more interesting is the changes to the technology. Just take a look at the pictures - the first is from the Dolphins draft center at Dolphins camp. What do I see? Laptops and cell phones. And in the second picture, taken at Radio City Music Hall, you see the guys who write down the picks. They also have laptops and cell phones, plus headsets to catch other information.

    The laptops certainly make it easier to keep track of players. And the cellphones make for quick communication. Heck I heard an interview with Hagan moments after he was drafted. He was on his cellphone at his house, and he had to step outside to hear the call.

    I'm astounded by how technology has evolved, and yet the nature of this stays the same.