Saturday, April 29, 2006

and in round 3

Miami didn't execute a trade on the first day of the draft, so their next pick was a WR by the name of Derek Hagan. Mel Kiper, Jr made a comment that Hagan has all the physical tools, but is inconsistent, and doesn't run good routes.

I had never seen him play, but watched the clips they showed. I agree: his route running was sloppy from what I saw.

But I guess Nick saw something he liked in him, because Miami had the pick made in as much time as it took to fill out the card, and didn't debate about it at all.

So, while they don't get a Santonionion Holmes or a Chad Jackson, or a Javon Walker for that matter, they do get what appears to be a good player.

And the selection is...

As we hear it, Jason Allen was one of Nick's top guys. Whether that means his top 5, or his next eschelon, we don't know. But, because he was available, Nick stayed put and picked a guy he wanted in the first round.

Jason becomes the first db drafted by Miami in the first round since 2001, when they drafted....Jamar Fletcher. I gotta believe Nick is a better talent evaluator than Dave ever was, so I'm thinking this will work out fine. All of the draftniks raved about him over at ESPN.

I did note that there were a boatload of good o-lineman, wrs, and rbs still available when Miami picked, but there were scant few d-lineman or linebackers.

So, the Phins now have a glut of "Allens" in the defensive backfield. Okay, its actually only 2 of them today...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Who will the Phins pick?

Here's how I figure it -

Nick has his list of 5 "can't miss" players. He probably has another 10 prospects who he truly thinks can make it and help the team. And then, there's probably the 10-15 he would like to have.

If any of the top 5 slip to him, he'll take that guy at #16. If any of the next group are available, he'll consider them, depending on the team needs, and what other teams are doing.

Otherwise, he's trading the pick to get some value. There are a lot of teams out there who would love to move up, and have enough picks to make a good trade.

Miami would be happy to move to late first round and maybe pick up a 2nd or 3rd round pick in the process.

And overall, I believe Nick's first pick will be on defense. There are a fair number of dbs in particular that could step in and help.

Cheerleader mystery solved

The Phins announced the 49 woman roster of cheerleaders today.

You can check out the Phins website to see if your favorites made the squad. I can tell you that our cheerleader of the year - Jamie - made it again this year. But, the 2004 cheerleader of the year - Kristine - did not. And neither did Miami's pro bowl rep from last year - Danielle.