Friday, April 21, 2006

Nick's comments

I heard part of Nick's press conference yesterday. I loved his quote that he wasn't going to deceive anyone, and instead was planning to just keep quiet. And then he made some comment about not wanting to create a competitive disadvantage. Gotta love his quotes.

But, my favorite moment was when he held up a sheet of paper containing the Phins draft breakdown - or maybe it was a menu for the new bistro; how would I know? - for everyone to see and said "I know you can't see this..."

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dolphins cheerleaders

The Phins cheerleader selection process has begun. And, as is the custom, the names of those moving on is a big secret.

Fins TV did give us a glimpse, and told us about a couple of girls who didn't make it past the first round, and told us that 10 former cheerleaders tried out, and 8 made it to finals.

But, details, guys, we want details! :O

The HD scoreboards

Check out the press release on the new scoreboards. I contains technical info about the displays.