Saturday, February 04, 2006

We here at Dave's feel bad for Bob Keuchenberg. Poor guy. He played for like 17 years in the league, at guard no less. He was part of what is arguably the best team in history. He was one of the linemen who contributed to the first combincation running backs to gain 1,000 yards.

And he gets no respect. Shut out of the hall for the umpteenth time.

I laugh at the hall because their voting is so, uhhh, ridiculuos. They're deciding from among 15 players who were all great. And for some reason, they set an arbitrary limit of 6 players for induction. What makes Rayfield Wright a better linemen than Kooch, anyway? I'm not saying that Kooch was better, only that there's no way to distinguish.

Let's see? Long tenure. Check. Never missed a game. Check. Played with a broken arm in a superbowl. Check. Retired because he was hit in the head one too many times and had blurred vision. Check. Played on the 17-0 Dolphins. Check. (oh forget that one, no one seems to care about that anymore). Led Morris and Csonka to both post 1,000 yard seasons in one year (never had been done before). Check. Protected Marino during his record setting year. Check.

Sounds like all the makings of a hall of famer to me.