Friday, January 20, 2006

Another JJ legacy...

We here at Dave's wish Scott Linehan all the best in his new job...but...

I can't believe that Miami is looking for its 8th Offensive Coordinator in 10 years. That means their average span in Miami is just over a year. Is this the curse of JJ or something?

Quick now, how many of the OC's can you name?

I have - in order:
Gary Stevens
Kippy Brown
Chan Gailey
Norv Turner
Joel Collier (whose tenure lasted what an hour, or "a Marino")
Chris Forrester
Scott Linehan
and an OC to be named later.

Its hard to have any sort of continuity when you change every year, isn't it?

[editor's note: is Dave actually admitting that not everything is Dave W's fault? Wow, there's a thought...]