Saturday, January 14, 2006

The scoreboards at Dolphins stadium

Work has begun on the scoreboards, and you can watch it in time lapse at:

I couldn't resist mentioning this item...

Once again, the Tuesday Morning QB quoted me. :)

Of the eight teams still standing, six have cheerleaders -- including the
super-glamorous Washington Redskins cheerleaders -- while two, Chicago and
Pittsburgh, have no pep squad. David Kennedy notes Chicago disbanded its old
Honey Bears cheerleading unit a few weeks after winning the 1985 Super Bowl.
Team management worried that the Honey Bears were too sexy, though by
today's standards they would probably be considered overdressed. Can it be
coincidence the Bears have not returned to the Super Bowl since offending
the football gods by removing scantily attired mega-babes from the
sidelines? For their part, the Steelers have never had a pep squad. David
Willis of Aliquippa, Pa. proposes the Pittsburgh Penguins cheerleading unit
as an alternative. This 21st-century organization has both buff cheer-babes
and ripped cheer-hunks; here are Alanna and Chris.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Welcome the newly redesigned Dave's Bitchin'


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